Mountain Aviation Grows Nationwide Private Jet Fleet

Dec. 17, 2020

Mountain Aviation has added the 26th Citation X to its private jet fleet, making it the largest Citation X operator in the world, an internal goal that was set just 2 years ago.

"Today marks a significant milestone in the 27-year history of Mountain Aviation," said director of operations, Michael Vargo. "I couldn't be prouder of the team we've built that's turned this dream into reality."

In Q4 2020, Mountain ranked 3rd amongst all private jet floating fleet operators and 2nd in the super-midsize category in terms of flights, hours and total miles flown.

The current growth plan for the super-mid fleet has Mountain operating 35 Citation X's by Q2 2021. The recent additions to the fleet bring the total number of aircraft operated by Mountain to over 60.  With a range of nationwide floating aircraft that include King Air through Gulfstream IV-SP heavy jets, Mountain's ability to support the entire industry is firmly solidified.

Widely regarded as the most efficient operator in the industry, Mountain boasts the highest utility per aircraft in the super-mid category. "To see this growth with zero outside investment is a testament to our team mentality and focused execution. We have taken a different approach in the industry which is driving the growth." stated CEO Gregg Fahrenbruch.

Mountain has prioritized its development of fleet optimization, mission execution, and flight safety above all else.  To support this growth, the company's maintenance team took an innovative approach to fleet maintenance and shortened the duration of typical maintenance events through specialized training, tooling, and investments in technical personnel. This increase in maintenance efficiency directly contributes to increased uptime per aircraft along with higher dispatch reliability.  The company has worked closely with Textron Aviation to ensure long term technical and parts support for the new additions and future fleet growth.

"We're excited to continue our aggressive pursuit of growth and expand our reach in 2021. We're just getting started," said Fahrenbruch.