GA8/GA8-TC Mud/Gravel Deflectors

Dec. 7, 2020

Airforms has begun shipping mud and gravel deflectors for STC installation on the GippsAero GA8 and GA8-TC Airvan. Manufactured in Australia, the GA8/GA8-TC was designed to carry up to eight people into backcountry locations with minimal air strips. Besides passenger service, they are used for a wide range of missions around the globe, including freight, sightseeing, parachuting, observation, intelligence, reconnaissance and search and rescue operations.

Landings on dirt, gravel or in open fields can result in FOD damage to the fuselage or empennage. Consequently, developing an STC for mudflaps, made sense and Airforms went through the process. Their mudflap kits feature a high strength steel frame for durability, powder coating to resist corrosion, mudflaps that are made from 2-ply nylon reinforced rubber for long life and all required hardware. No drilling is required. The flaps are FAA PMA and STC approved. The STC is include free of charge with the purchase of a pair of deflectors.