JetASAP Launches Free, Self-Service Private Jet Travel App

Nov. 12, 2020

The executive team at JetASAP announced the launch of its self-service, invitation-only mobile app. One push of a button allows travelers to submit their confidential trip request immediately to 700+ charter operators nationwide, and ARGUS and Wyvern safety ratings are automatically retrieved and displayed alongside each operator's quote. With the increasing appeal of private air travel, the application provides travelers the ability to manage all aspects of their flights from a single interface, including charter quote requests and responses, booked trips, the capability to chat confidentially and ask questions in real-time with both charter operators and the company on-demand, as well as signing contracts directly with charter operators in the app or via email. Travelers can book as many trips as they like and never pay any commissions, membership or other fees.

"We are thrilled to be launching the JetASAP™ app, that we have been working so hard to bring to market," said Lisa Sayer, founder and CEO of JetASAP. "With this new no-frills app, in essence, we are making on-demand, private charter even more affordable and accessible to flyers throughout the United States, a service that due to the current pandemic, is more valuable than ever. We are the only platform in the world that allows direct quotes, booking and pricing from charter operators."

The app is accessible by invitation-only. Potential customers can request an invite code on the website and is currently available for download in the Apple Store, with an Android version in the works. Operating on an invitation-only basis allows for the JetASAP team to provide flyers with the best service possible.

"Even though we provide our service through a digital mobile app, the service is quite different from the myriad of true digital providers, which rely on connections to third-party services or charter operator scheduling software to provide instant quotes," explained Sayer. "JetASAP takes a best-of-breed hybrid approach by combining the quote gathering and processing approach of a human with a digital interface and on-demand, real-time human support. This approach ensures that every quote received is timely and accurate. As a result, while quote responses are often not instantaneous, they are ready to book when selected."

The JetASAP service mimics the current aircraft charter booking process using a more streamlined approach that allows travelers to directly book private aircraft travel, rather than relying on third-parties, whether human or technology-based.

Travelers are able to make requests, which are then viewed by charter operators, who provide live quotes in response. Travelers can select a quote and book a trip directly through the app, as well as communicate with both the charter operator and the company as needed throughout the entire process. Travelers pay operators the exact cost charged by the charter operator directly, and JetASAP provides both parties with a streamlined service to submit, review and sign any necessary documents.