Points and Amadeus’ Strategic Partnership Gains Momentum

Nov. 10, 2020

On Nov. 10, Points and Amadeus announced a joint partnership with Caribbean Miles, Caribbean Airlines’ best-in-class loyalty program. This partnership, which builds on Amadeus’ already existing relationship with Caribbean Miles as the provider of its Passenger Service System, will make it possible for the airline’s loyalty program to better stimulate future demand while capacity is much reduced due to the ongoing global impact from COVID-19.

Starting Nov. 10, through the integration between Points’ Loyalty Commerce Platform and Amadeus’ Loyalty Management solutions, Caribbean Miles members will enjoy a more personalized experience when they purchase miles to boost their own balance, to transfer miles, or for the first time, gift miles to family and friends. Amadeus and Points plan to roll out even more member engagement ancillary solutions for Caribbean Miles later this year.

By partnering with Points, the Caribbean Miles team can look forward to significantly more guaranteed ancillary revenue and engagement for the loyalty program, especially important during this period of reduced travel demand. Points’ team of loyalty experts will ensure members can look forward to sophisticated marketing campaigns and can take advantage of tailored buy miles promotions without Caribbean Miles incurring additional costs or operational headaches.

“This launch speaks to how valuable our joint proposition with Amadeus really is for the industry,” said Rob MacLean, CEO of Points. “Together with Amadeus, we are thrilled to build out Caribbean Airlines’ already robust loyalty program, to help maximize its loyalty potential and ensure Caribbean Miles is a driving force in the region.”

Garvin Medera, chief executive officer of Caribbean Airlines said, "Our goal is to constantly improve the customer experience for our Caribbean Miles members by introducing innovative ways for our customers to maximize their points. As we re-establish our network, our members can look forward to more value and reward capabilities and as we align our brand with the world’s most recognized partners.”

“We’re pleased to deepen our partnership with Caribbean Miles and Points. Amadeus’ loyalty technology brings our airline customers increased control over their programs, real-time interactions with members, and a wide range of personalized benefits,” says Nicola Arnese, director of customer loyalty solutions for airlines at Amadeus. “Points is a key partner in our platform ecosystem. We have a strong loyalty offering for joint customers, including intelligent marketing powered by data insights, and improved accessibility and time-to-market thanks to the native integration with our Airline Platform.”