WACO Announces the Certification and Delivery of the First Amphibious YMF-5

May 26, 2020

The wait is over – After several years of engineering milestones and flight testing, we announce today issuance of full FAA Certification on the WACO YMF-5F, the new-production open cockpit biplane on amphibious floats.

Based on the Tailwheel YMF-5, the Amphibious YMF-5 is handcrafted by a team of specialized artisans in Battle Creek, MI. In order to be worthy of the seaplane title, several modifications had to be made. A wing walk has been added to the right wing and grab handles have been integrated into both lower wings for effortless docking from either side. The frame receives an epoxy coating to prevent corrosion, and all hardware & cabling are stainless steel – ideal for both freshwater & saltwater operation. It is also the only WACO with landing gear controls!

Each YMF-5F is well-equipped with a zero-time 300 Horsepower 7-cylinder Jacobs radial engine, a composite constant speed propeller by MT, Aerocet 3400 Composite Floats and all-LED Lighting. Three people can enjoy the luxurious heated cockpits which can be outfitted with Premium Leather, Teak & Holly Flooring, and a full Garmin Glass Cockpit. Two Garmin G5’s, a Garmin Aera 760 GPS, a Garmin GTX-345 ADS-B In/Out Transponder, and a JPI 930 Engine Analyzer are also included in the standard equipment.

Completion of the first Amphibious YMF-5 occurred in late 2017, which has been used as a company demonstrator and test article for the certification process. Delivery of the first certified YMF-5F, S/N 155, took place on Tuesday May 26th, 2020 - followed by delivery of the second in June. Two others are currently in production and are slated to be completed later this year.

Take Off Distance Land: 628 ft

Take Off Distance Water: 1300 ft

Climb Rate: 600 fpm

Cruise Speed: 105 mph

Fuel Capacity: 48 gal

Fuel Consumption: 15 gal/hr

Wing Span: 30 ft 0 in

Length: 27 ft 5 in

Height: 12 ft 3 in

Empty Weight: 2492 lb

Useful Load: 726 lb

G-Limits: +5.2 / -2.1 @ 2950 lb