Bendixing Receives Certification for Three Highly Anticipated Cockpit Upgrades

July 19, 2019
Owners can now upgrade their certified aircraft with BendixKing’s affordable and reliable AeroVue Touch, AeroFlight and AeroCruze.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., July 19, 2019 – BendixKing, a business unit of Honeywell (NYSE: HON), has received Supplemental Type Certificates for its AeroVue Touch, AeroFlight, and AeroCruze 230, allowing all three products to be installed in certified, general aviation aircraft. Now, owners can easily modernize their aircraft with cockpit solutions that improve reliability and increase safety.

“BendixKing strives to give owners the opportunity to bring more advanced technology into their aircraft at an affordable price,” said Gregg Cohen, president, BendixKing. “With the new certifications, operators can not only modernize their cockpit, but in doing so, enhance the safety and efficiency of their aircraft.”

The BendixKing AeroVue Touch primary flight display, which made its Oshkosh debut last year, is now available for 353 aircraft types on the Approved Model List Supplemental Type Certificate. The display has the highest-resolution electronic flight instrument system on the general aviation market and features Honeywell’s SmartView synthetic vision system, terrain awareness, a moving map, a vertical situation display, aeronautical charts, and traffic and weather information. These features are consolidated within a near-4K high-resolution, 10.1-inch touchscreen display, increasing safety while reducing workload for pilots. Every safety-critical function is accessible within two pilot touches on the display and all functions are available within four touches or less, making the system intuitive and easy to learn.

For owners upgrading to a digital cockpit, AeroVue Touch offers a modular and compact unit that comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity as a standard feature. AeroVue Touch allows pilots to seamlessly upload flight information in under four minutes and software updates in less than ten minutes and also has self-contained architecture, which allows the system to be expanded to two or three displays with ease.

BendixKing previously obtained a Technical Standing Order for its AeroFlight KI 300 attitude indicator. This standalone replacement for the KI 256/255 flight director indicator or KG 258 attitude indicator can be used as a backup or primary system. BendixKing has now obtained a Supplemental Type Certificate for the AeroFlight KA 310 autopilot adapter. With the addition of the KA 310, the KI 300 can now be used as a sole-source, three-axis attitude reference and flight director for BendixKing KAP 100, 150, 200 and KFC 150, 200, 225 autopilots. With this upgrade, owners save the typical $4000 to overhaul mechanical gyros every 800 hours, while also having much of the same information available in a primary flight display at a much lower cost.

 The BendixKing AeroCruze 230 autopilot is also now available for certified aircraft. A slide-in replacement for the KFC 150, the AeroCruze 230 is the only touchscreen autopilot on the general aviation market giving owners an affordable, quick upgrade path for their legacy autopilot. It reuses the servos already in the aircraft, dramatically cutting down on installation cost. With the purchase of AeroCruze, owners also automatically receive a new two-year warranty on those servos.