IBAC Participating in First ICAO Stocktaking Seminar - Representing Business Aviation’s Commitment to Sustainable Aviation Fuels

April 10, 2019

The International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) continues its support of the wider use of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) within the business aviation sector by participating in the first ICAO Stocktaking Seminar toward the 2050 Vision for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFS2019). This seminar will take place 30 April – 1 May in Montreal and will provide a forum for the exchange of information related to aviation fuels. This event will be the first step towards the establishment of a quantified 2050 ICAO Vision for Sustainable Aviation Fuels.

Kurt Edwards, Director General of IBAC, will update the global audience at the seminar on business aviation SAF initiatives to date. “This meeting is another step toward increasing the use of SAF. It is important to keep the momentum moving forward. The goal is to inspire States, industry, and other stakeholders to substitute a significant proportion of conventional aviation fuels with sustainable fuels by 2050. The business aviation community is making progress, but more work needs to be done to increase availability and expand awareness that these drop-in fuels are ready to use today,” added Edwards.

IBAC will represent the business aviation industry at this ICAO event that will include policy and decision makers from the member States, technical experts from the fuel supply chain, airlines, airports, fuel producers, manufacturers, and others. For more information on this seminar go to: https://www.icao.int/Meetings/SAFStocktaking/Pages/default.aspx.