Superior Air parts Congratulates Jay Mastri for being the First Graduate of the Reinstated XP-Engine Build School

Sept. 30, 2013
Mr. Mastri will use the 180-horsepower, XP-360 Engine he assembled to power his soon to be completed Vans RV-7A.

Coppell, TX, September 29, 2013 — Glen Golden, V.P. Sales and Marketing for Superior Air Parts, Inc., announced today that Jay Mastri is the first graduate of the recently reinstated XP-Engine Build School held at the company’s state-of-the-art engine build center in Coppell, Texas. 

“It seems that for the past two-years everyone I’ve talked to asked when Superior was going to start offering our XP-Engine Build School? Well, now I’m very happy to say that the school is available and that Jay Mastri is our first graduate for 2013,” Golden said. “Jay brought so much enthusiasm to the school, that he got everyone here pumped up and anxious to have the next class of builders come in.”

“The Build School experience was better than I had hoped. Everything and everyone in the shop was extremely well organized. That impressed me,” Mastri stated. “Darrell Ingle was a tremendous instructor. He was very easy to talk to and really took the time to explain what we were doing at every step. I really appreciated the level of attention that I received from everyone at Superior before, during and after my time at the school.”

Mastri explained that when it came time to choose his engine, he was looking at the standard “Lycoming types” but the availability of the roller lifters on the XP-360 got his interest. “The XP-Engine is the only one that enables you to remove the roller lifters without disassembling the engine. That’s impressive engineering,” he said.

“That was just the beginning. Once I started researching the Superior XP-Engines and saw all the other improvements they have built into their engines, it was clear the Superior engine was an all-around better choice,” Mastri sated. “Then, when I learned I could actually go down to Dallas and assemble my engine, well, my decision was made for me right there.”

Mastri said that he is going to use his new XP-360 to power the Vans RV-7A that he’s building at home just outside Chicago. “I’m at the 90-percent done, 90-percent to go stage right now. The fuselage is in my living room and the wings are in the garage,” he said. “My next step is to move it all to the airport so I can install the wings, avionics and my new XP-360 engine – I’m really looking forward to that.”

Golden explained that, like Mr. Mastri, the three-day Engine Build Schools attract all kinds of builders and they all share the common desire of wanting to know what’s going on inside their engines. 

“They’re spending countless hours building their airplane [or helicopter] and this is just the logical next-step for many of them,” Golden said. “It’s extremely informative and educational at a number of levels. In the past we have even had XP-Engine owners attend who didn’t actually build their engines, they just wanted to observe one of our expert engine builders putting their engine together.”

Golden said that Superior’s XP-Build School programs are available for owners of XP-320, XP-360 and XP-400 Engines.

“I am working on earning my FAA A&P (airframe and power plant) license and attending the build school has given me tremendous insights that will not only help me maintain my own engine, but will be a great benefit with my FAA training,” he said. “Every step I completed was checked by Darrell and then checked again by the Quality Assurance people – this is probably the most reliable engine I could possibly get.”

Asked about returning to the XP-Build School in the future, Mastri said, “I certainly would. It was a great learning experience. In fact, I even asked Darrell if they had any openings?”

For Build School pricing and available dates, please call Brent Henman at: 972.829.4635. 

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