French Company Price Induction to Display its Private Light Jet Turbo Fan Engine at 2013 AirVenture

July 26, 2013
A new engine for a new class of airplane can be seen at booth number 314

Marietta Georgia. July 26, 2013. Price Induction announces it will again display the DGEN turbo fan engine during this year’s AirVenture. Additionally, several technical representatives will be available to explain the advanced features of this compact turbo fan engine.

Over the past ten years, Price Induction has been developing the DGENs high by-pass ratio turbo fans designed to power 4 to 5 seat Personal Light Jets (PLJ). The DGEN 380, providing up to 230 lbs. of thrust, is the first product of a family of high bypass ratio engines that can provide up to 570 lbs. of thrust and that are optimized for the general aviation flight domain (under 25’000ft, ISA+/- 30, under Mach number 0,4).

Christine Lloyd, North American Sales Representative for Price Induction says, “Price Induction recently exhibited the engine at the Paris Airshow and for the third year will be displayed at AirVenture in Oshkosh. AirVenture is a great place to highlight the DGEN engine to potential experimental and certificated aircraft markets worldwide.”

The DGEN turbo fan engine is constructed using high-performance materials allowing the weight of the components to be optimized from both a structural and a functional point of view. It has one fan, one high-pressure turbine stage and one low-pressure turbine stage. This simplicity disguises innovations such as a geared fan, a shaft-mounted electric generator, and the FADEC which is integrated around the engine. Thanks to its high bypass ratio, it can offer a low-noise signature and low specific fuel consumption.

The DGEN turbo fan engine will provide the PLJ to thus be efficient, easily piloted by private individuals, with great safety of use and comfort, low pollution, low maintenance, with a sensible running cost.

About the DGEN 380

The DGEN 380, the emblematic engine developed for 10 years by Price Induction, has successfully completed its endurance test campaigns and has now reached more than 1,250 hours in operation including 5,700 ignitions. Since the success of the first EASA type block test (CS-E 740), the engine has been running through accelerated endurance tests based on short flight cycles in order to control the behavior in fatigue of the major components. A second CS-E type block test is currently in progress in the Price Induction facilities.

About the DGEN 390

The new DGEN 390 turbo fan, second engine of the DGEN family, is a high bypass ratio turbofan based on the same architecture as the DGEN 380. As an evolution of the DGEN 380, the turbofan DGEN 390 features a high bypass ratio (6.9) and a geared fan. It presents improved performances in terms of thrust and specific consumption with enhanced aerodynamic and thermal conditions in the core engine. Its core engine is equipped with a cooled high pressure nozzle and high pressure turbine with attached blades. The expected theoretical performances are a maximum Take-Off thrust of 730 lbs., an increase of 30% compared to the DGEN 380, and a specific consumption of 0.7 at Design Point (10,000ft/Mach 0.338) while DGEN 380 SFC at the same point is 0.77. The engine will be running at the end of the year 2013.

The DGEN 390 is dedicated to aircrafts of 4,000-5,000 lbs. of MTOW operating up to 25,000ft with a maximum cruise speed from 250 to 260ktas. The maximum thrust available at Take-Off allows potential aircraft to carry enough fuel to reach a range up to 800 Nm and hence highlights the potential of the DGEN 390 in the General Aviation marketplace.

About Price Induction

Price Induction Inc. is a subsidiary of Price Induction SA, French SMB based in the Aquitaine region, France, in Anglet (offices) and Tarnos (test bench). Today, the parent company employs around sixty people, more than forty of which are engineers. The company holds another two subsidiaries: one in Berlin, Germany and one in Sao José dos Campos SP, Brazil. Price Induction SA is an investment of the following funds which are managed by ACE Management: AEROFUND, ACE and Financière de Brienne. Price Induction SA is also actively supported by the Aquitaine Region, the FEDER and the OSEO and is a member of Aerospace Valley Global Aerospace Competitiveness cluster.