Twin Commander Aircraft Offers Fuel Boost Pump, Oxygen Port Mods

Feb. 24, 2013
Two new Custom Kits (CK) for operators.

Creedmoor, NC, February 22, 2013 – Twin Commander Aircraft is introducing two new Custom Kits (CK) for operators. CK 186 replaces Weldon fuel boost pumps with Parker Airborne pumps, and CK 188 adds a convenient filler port to the supplemental oxygen system.

When JetProp Commanders were still in production under Gulfstream Aerospace, the factory changed from Weldon to Airborne boost pumps, but the change was never offered for existing aircraft. Now, with CK 186, the upgrade is available for the following models:

690C s/n 11600 through 11729

690D s/n 15000 through 15025

695 s/n 95000 through 95086

695A s/n 96000 through 96055

Parker Airborne pumps are preferred because of their superior reliability, and the increasingly prohibitive cost of overhauling the older Weldon pumps. CK 186 contains all of the parts and instructions necessary to install the Parker Airborne pump, but it does not include the pump itself.

If the Weldon pumps have already been replaced, installation of the hardware in CK 186 ensures that the upgrade meets OEM and FAA requirements and approval.

The conversion to the Parker Airborne pumps should take about two hours per engine.

CK186 is in stock and ready for purchase from an authorized Twin Commander Service Center.

Twin Commander Aircraft has developed CK 188 to modify the supplemental oxygen system so the remote-mounted oxygen tank can be refilled more conveniently. 

Some Commander models were delivered new with optional oxygen refill fittings that allow a technician to open an access door on the aft fuselage, unscrew a cap, and fill the supplemental oxygen bottle at the source. Without the optional filler port, the oxygen bottle must be removed, or disconnected from the aircraft system, to be refilled. This increases the potential for damage to the bottle and fittings.

CK 188 contains the necessary parts and instructions to add the oxygen bottle fill port to the following Twin Commander Aircraft models:

690A s/n 11249, and 11269 through 11349

690B s/n 11350 through 11599

690C s/n 11600 through 11650

695 s/n 95000 through 95040

CK188 will be available this March.

For more information on CK 186 and CK 188, contact an authorized Twin Commander Service Center, or Twin Commander Aircraft at 919-956-4300.

For more information on Twin Commander Aircraft ( contact Matt Isley at [email protected]