Africa is New Growth Center for Quicksilver

Oct. 1, 2012
Quicksilver Aeronautics is the a builder of light aircraft kits in the world, with more than 15,000 units flying.

Temecula, CALIFORNIA / October 1, 2012 — Hot off its success at signing a luxurious dealership location in Mexico, Quicksilver Aeronautics of Temecula, California, is sending more kits half way around the world to South Africa. International sales for the biggest-of-all light plane makers are poised to expand throughout the African continent.

Quicksilver South Africa dealer Louis Jordaan said, “We are proud to announce we have been appointed as the Approved Factory Dealers for the world renown Quicksilver range of Microlight and Light Sport aircraft that are now available in Southern Africa.” The MX is one of two model series from Quicksilver; the other is the GT.

Working with his partner and wife, Deanna, Jordaan’s company is expanding its network to ensure service throughout the country while processing orders for Quicksilver 2S aircraft from Botswana, Angola, and Kenya. The Jordaans recently returned from Mozambique and Seychelles where they worked to establish float operations using the 2S. Another consortium of buyers are investing into the agricultural spray system using the GT 500.

“We appreciate the assistance of the Quicksilver Aeronautics team in helping to liaise with our CAA to comply with local regulations,” added Jordaan. “It feels good to have a motivated team like Quicksilver Aeronautics behind us.” The duo are planning a visit to Quicksilver headquarters in Temecula, California.

“Quicksilver has aircraft flying in more than 100 countries,” said Will Escutia, president of Quicksilver Aeronautics. “This is helping us find new, quality dealers such as Quicksilver South Africa and we are speaking with new dealers across America and several other countries.”

Another project regards the Rhino poaching crisis in the country and Quicksilver South Africa believes it can attract aid using qualities of the MX and GT series of Quicksilver aircraft. Each series represent relatively inexpensive and easy-to-operate aircraft. Quicksilver South Africa has found interest for the GT 500 from Game Parks agency.

Jordaan also reported, “Quicksilver South Africa is working closely with Youth Development Agencies to supply aircraft to encourage the youth to take to the skies.” Imagine a EAA Young Eagles project for South Africa, a worthy effort by the dealership. Jordaan hopes to employ the broad appeal generated by auto racing figureheads and NASA space pioneers saying, “World champion racing driver Mario Andretti and astronaut and moon-walker Jim Erwin both own and fly MX aircraft.”

“Quicksilver South Africa is clearly a very energetic operation and we expect to make a number of sales in their region,” said Todd Ellefson, sales director for Quicksilver Aeronautics. “Working with Louis and Deanne Jordaan has been a pleasure.”

To contact Quicksilver South Africa, interested parties may contact Louis Jordaan via email at or via telephone at 0027 (0) 84-556-2414 or 0027 (0) 71-612-4851.


Quicksilver Aeronautics, under new ownership since 2012, is the most prolific builder of light aircraft kits in the world, with more than 15,000 units flying. Quicksilver builds the MX series including the Sprint, Sprint II, Sport, Sport II, Sport 2S and the GT series including the single seat GT400 and the two place GT 500. The GT 500 is the first aircraft approved by FAA under the Primary Aircraft category (1993). Quicksilver has dealers throughout the USA and the world with thousands flying in nearly 100 countries. The brand has an enviably good safety record owing significantly to exceptional ease of flight, thorough engineering, and long experience dating to the early 1970s.

Will Escutia and Daniel Perez are the new co-owners of Quicksilver Aeronautics LLC and continue to operate the enterprise from Temecula, California.