Bothell Plane Crash Injures 2

July 21, 2022

Jul. 20—Two people were hurt when an aircraft crashed on 228th Street Southeast in Bothell late Tuesday, according to Snohomish Regional Fire & Rescue.

Fire & Rescue said both occupants of the plane were taken to the hospital. Both had minor injuries, the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office said on Twitter late Tuesday. A dog was also on board, and was transported with the two people to a hospital, according to Fire & Rescue.

The 4200 block of 228th Street Southeast was closed after the crash, which happened around 10:20 p.m. The Federal Aviation Administration has been contacted, the Fire Department said.

Brian Lau, a 38-year-old Bothell resident, said he was watching the Tuesday evening news and his wife was cooking when their power went out for about two seconds.

When Lau checked his neighborhood group chat, he learned other neighbors had experienced a similarly short power outage and that a plane had crashed nearby.

According to Lau, the plane was removed from the street and the road was reopened Wednesday.

Fire & Rescue said the aircraft was on its way to Paine Field when it had complete engine failure. On its way to the ground, the plane struck high tension power lines then crashed on 228th, just south of 45th Avenue near Canyon Park.

No one on the ground was hurt, the Fire Department said.

On Wednesday morning, Lau went to see the mangled plane, which was lying in the center of the street.

"It's insanely lucky and impressive that A, none of the houses got hit and B, it didn't cause a big widespread power outage in the area," he said.


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