Last Saturday I sat down at my computer to write this column and, well, I didn’t get far. I was gazing out of my home office window at the morning winter sunshine, some fresh white snow covering the landscape, and a thermometer that was hovering around the freezing mark. Yes… it’s the middle of winter here in Minnesota and it was a NICE DAY! So I did what any good aviator does when there’s a break in the brutal winter weather and went to the airport for day of both airplane and hangar flying.

My good friend (and CFI) John Hall and I headed to Owatonna Degner Regional Airport. I really enjoy these small town airports, the friendly atmosphere with other aviators around to visit with. I think I spent an hour or more chatting with Brent Langer of Langer Aviation about the maintenance projects in his shop; he was in the process of changing the floats on a Cessna 185. Yes summer and open water will soon arrive.

Eventually I did a fresh pre-flight on the Piper Warrior and off we went into the winter sky. When the weather is nice in the northern climates, winter flying can be really nice. A developing snow shower to the west finally moved in and as the visibility began to deteriorate we made our last simulated instrument approach and landed. Yes it was another fine winter day spent at the airport.

We had some staff changes at or company over the past couple months. I’d like to introduce Lester Craft as the new publisher of Aircraft Maintenance Technology. Lester is not new to our company, AMT, or to aviation, and you may have already met him. He’s been with Southcomm for six years working with digital sales and business development with AMT and AviationPros that entire time. Prior to that, he was in digital product management and sales at a travel media company and publication so about nine years now in aviation-related B-2-B media. 

The entire staff at AMT is busy with the New Year ramp-up and actively planning for another great year. Right now we are preparing to attend the 2018 HAI Heli Expo in Las Vegas Nevada February 26th to March 1st. We have many more events planned as the spring tradeshow season begins.

Thanks for reading and go have some fun at your local airport.


About the Author

Ronald Donner | Aviation Consultant | AMT

Ronald (Ron) Donner has spent his entire life devoted to aviation and he holds FAA certificates as an A&P/IA, and a Commercial Pilot with Single and Multi Engine Land, Instrument Airplane and Glider ratings. Ron has worked in a variety of maintenance related roles, both technical and management in general aviation as well as with a major airline. Ron was the recipient of the 2012 National Air Transportation Association (NATA) Aviation Journalism award.  

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Chief Editor | Aircraft Maintenance Technology

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