Blackhawk Upgrades 11 Cessna Caravans, Doubling Productivity for Diverse Operators Worldwide

Feb. 21, 2012

WACO, Texas, February 20, 2012 – Eleven hard-working Cessna Caravan aircraft have been upgraded with the Blackhawk XP42A performance modification since the system was certified in July 2011, company officials announced today.

Blackhawk, the aviation industry leader in performance improvement systems for a range of turboprop aircraft, works in partnership with Hawker Pacific (Singapore Air Show Chalet CD 3) as a dealer and service provider.

Company President Jim Allmon said operators ranging from bush pilots in Alaska to skydive operators in the Pacific Northwest are extremely pleased with the safety and productivity they are experiencing with their revitalized Caravans. "Operators are telling us that the system will easily pay for itself through increased revenue generation and reduced operating costs," Allmon said. "Jump operations can literally double their profit margins, making as much as $300,000 more a year,  and for operators in extreme environments, the safety benefits can be just as dramatic."

Allmon added that bush operators prefer the Blackhawk XP42A upgrade because the familiar Pratt & Whitney engine shines in hostile operating conditions by providing superior protection from foreign object damage.

The XP42A upgrade replaces existing 675 SHP PT6A-114A engines for new 850 SHP PT6A-42A  Pratt & Whitney Canada power plants. The modification also includes new composite cowlings, Frakes exhaust stacks and Hartzell propellers.

The newly upgraded aircraft climb twice as fast with increased takeoff weight (4%) improved takeoff performance (20%) and increased speed (15%).

Blackhawk, founded in 1999 in Waco, Texas, is a recognized aviation leader in providing engine performance solutions to the turboprop fleet. With over 350 aircraft upgraded to date, the company has the world’s largest installed fleet of STC twin-engine turboprop engine upgrades.  A worldwide network of approved dealers and service support centers complements Blackhawk’s U.S. facilities.  For more information, go to