Iran Beginning Aviation Rennovation

Jan. 19, 2016
With international sanctions easing against the country, it plans to revitalize its commercial air fleets.

As originally reported on the Australian Business Review, Tehran, Iran, has announced that it will purchase 114 Airbus planes. In the past Iran has been criticized for raising safety concerns with airplane maintenance. The addition of the new Airbus planes would be the first step to changing the image of the national carrier Iran Air.

After last year’s nuclear deal—where Iran agreed to greatly decrease its nuclear development—the country has seen an ease in international sanctions. The U.S. has given approval to allow the sale of some aircraft parts and training documents.

The European Union, citing safety concerns, had also imposed limits on Iranian planes landing within its borders.

Airbus announced that once sanctions on Iran were eased, it could enter into business with Iranian airlines in compliance with all international laws. It wouldn’t address whether it was negotiating with Iran about potentially striking a deal, citing its policy not to discuss talks with existing or potential customers.

In April, Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization had said the country would need up to 500 new planes in that period.

But many of the most popular Airbus jet models are sold out years in advance, and if Iran has placed an order, it may have to wait some time to receive its planes.