United Airlines Flight Lands With Blown Tire at Durango Airport

Jan. 15, 2016
The plane suffered a tire blow out during takeoff.

As originally reported on the Durango Herald, a United Airlines commercial flight carrying 66 passengers and four crew members landed safely, Wednesday at the Durango-La Plata County Airport after reporting it had a flat tire.

Pilots on the United Express flight, operated by SkyWest, notified the airport that it had a possible flat tire that had blown out during take off at the Denver International Airport. the plane circled the Durango airport for several minutes before it landed safely. Emergency responders closed the runway before and after the landing so they could look for tire debris. 

Before it landed, the plane made a low-flying pass over the runway with its landing gear down to allow emergency responders to inspect the tires. During the flyby, authorities confirmed the plane had a flat tire on the rear left.

Once it landed, passengers were quickly ushered into the terminal instead of waiting by the plane to collect their luggage.