Sean Peters. 2019 AMT Next Gen Award Winner

Aug. 22, 2019
Sean Peters, 29, Special Project Manager, C&L Aviation Group, Bangor, ME

Sean Peters has had a fascination with aviation from childhood. He grew up wanting to be a pilot. And although he did become a pilot, Peters found himself more enjoying learning about the machine and the operations of aircraft, which combined with his mechanical aptitude, and the maintenance side a clear choice to continue into.

“I have worked as many aviation fields: as an airline customer service agent, baggage handling, line service, contract pilot, material specialist, fueler, mechanic, probationary trainer,  and project manager,” he explains. “I currently am a project manager and I am responsible for vender, maintenance, and material coordination for a custom modification client.”

Sean Peters has been employed with C&L Aviation Group since September 2016. “As someone who also came to us with a degree in business administration, pilots license, A&P certificate, and a positive, can-do attitude, Sean was very quickly recognized as someone with growth potential as well as the desire to excel in the aviation field,” says Phil Miholovich, director of maintenance, C&L Aviation Group, who Nominated Peters for the AMT Next Gen Award. “Even during the interview process, Sean asked questions that were far beyond what is typically expected with potential candidates.”

Within one year of employment, Peters gladly took on the role as mentor for newly-employed technicians, in which he provided guidance on proper manual usage, completing paperwork, processing of parts, and to be the go-to person when new employees had questions develop. The company saw a need to provide new employees with someone they could look to as they navigated their way learning our processes. “Sean excelled in this position,” notes Miholovich.

Mid 2018 brought on a new and challenging opportunity for the company, which involved the development of an STC to provide a customer with an EMB135/145 interior retrofit including new interior panels, in-seat power, LED lighting, additional storage space, as well as enhancement of the existing interior to provide customers with a near corporate travel experience. “Sean was approached to take on the role of the project manager, working directly with the DOM and the customer for successful completion of this STC,” explains Miholovich. “Sean gladly accepted the role. He was instrumental in handling customers needs, budgeting, billing, project planning and timelines, procurement of required parts, direct involvement with engineering, and the list goes on. Quite frankly, he was a key player in making this project a success. Through this, he has learned so many aspects relating to certification requirements, FAA regulations, customer service, and part of the think tank team to make this happen. He worked directly with the DOM and would always inquire when an area he was not familiar required additional input. With little guidance, he was able to develop solutions. His professional demeanor is present in both appearance and presentation to the customer both verbally and through email communications.”

Miholovich says Peters is quickly developing skill sets that cover a broad range of what is involved with aircraft maintenance. “Aircraft maintenance technicians have the opportunity to choose several different career paths,” Miholovich says. “Sean is developing in so many areas and possesses the mindset to succeed in whatever path he chooses. It would not be surprising to see Sean as a high-level VP or even owning his own company that would be recognized as an industry leader.”

“My goals are to continue in the aviation community and eventually jold the position of director of maintenance,” Peters notes.