Hobart, J&B Aviation And ITW Military GSE Join Forces

Aug. 18, 2014
Hobart Ground Systems joins forces with the ITW GSE companies outside Americas under the name of ITW GSE.

August 18, 2014 – Palmetto, FL - To strengthen its position in the market place, Hobart Ground Systems, which includes Hobart, J&B Aviation and ITW Military GSE, all owned by ITW and part of Illinois Tools Works, today announced that it has joined forces with the ITW GSE companies outside Americas under the name of ITW GSE.
The company emphasizes that the products of the ITW GSE will still be branded Hobart, J&B Aviation and ITW Military GSE and that customers will continue to work with the people that they already know. This transition will be occurring throughout the remainder of 2014.
“One year ago, we aligned our group structure to have a global ITW GSE R&D as well as a Global ITW GSE Sales & Marketing department. We are now taking the next natural step to meet the requirements from the changing global GSE market. Our customers who are also global, will benefit from a more efficient, focused and streamlined organization that will help us be a best-in-class company,” states Poul Elvstrom, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing for ITW GSE.
“We will be better able to provide our customers with innovative solutions and the latest technology within 400 Hz power supplies and accessories, products that are critical to ensuring on-time aircraft departures. Further, the financial strengths of the ITW Inc. – a Fortune 200 global diversified company, make ITW GSE a very strong player with whom customers can safely do business.”
Hobart, J&B Aviation and Military are headquartered in Palmetto, Florida and make up the ITW GSE Americas region. J&B Aviation has manufacturing and warehouse facilities in Santa Rosa, California with sales and administration in Palmetto, Florida.

About ITW GSE: ITW GSE, which includes the brands of Hobart, J&B Aviation, ITW Military, AXA Power and Houchin, is a leading global supplier of ground support equipment and supplies. ITW GSE is part of Illinois Tools Works (ITW), a Fortune 200 corporation with over 100 years of history. ITW is a diversified manufacturer of advanced industrial technology. ITW has 90 business units located in 56 countries employing approximately 51,000 worldwide. Connect with ITW GSE online at www.itwgse.com/us.

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