Sampling Results Confirm PFAS Presence Off FAI Property

Nov. 28, 2017

The Fairbanks International Airport (FAI) sampled 33 drinking-water wells at residences and businesses near the airport for the presence of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in the groundwater. The presence of PFAS was found in 26 wells, 19 of which were above the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s health advisory levels. Seven wells were below the health advisory levels and seven wells had no detections of PFAS. The lowest detection was 6.4 parts-per-trillion (ppt) and the highest detection was 762 ppt.

The first and second sets of sampling results were provided to FAI Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2017 and Monday, Nov. 27, 2017. Residents and businesses were or will be notified of their results by telephone as soon as they are received and certified. An official sampling report will be sent to residents from the lab by mail.

FAI has contracted water delivery services through Vision Construction Intl. LLC. Residents and businesses in sampling areas can call 479-0380 to set up an alternate drinking source. In the event residents or businesses require drinking-water prior to their scheduled delivery they can call the Fairbanks International Airport Communications Center at 474-2530 to arrange a water pick-up at the Airport Response Center located at 5195 Brumbaugh Blvd.

Shannon & Wilson Inc. is continuing to sample wells in the designated areas. Residents and business owners in sampling areas can set up an appointment by calling 479-0600.