WASP Wins Product Leader Award For ‘New Standard Dolly’

March 16, 2015
The dolly can replace multiple dollies for greater fleet efficiency.

WASP Inc. was named Product Leader of the Year for its “New Standard Dolly” during Ground Support Worldwide’s annual trade show, GSE Expo Worldwide, March 10-11, Las Vegas.

Due to many types and combinations of containers and pallets it can handle, the dolly can replace multiple dollies for greater fleet efficiency.  The New Standard Dolly handles all standard container and pallet base sizes to 96-by-125 inches (244-by-318 centimeters).


  • Load half pallets, LD-2, LD-3, LD-4 and LD-5 containers, including two LD-2 or LD-3 containers at a time, to accommodate ever-changing workloads. It also takes on 88-by-125-inch (224-by-318-centimeter) and 96-by-125-inch (244-by-318-centimeter) pallets.
  • Stack as many as five dollies for shipping and roll them onto a transport vehicle without crating for fast, inexpensive shipping.
  • Eight wheels coupled with the heavy-duty frame construction easily handle loads as heavy as 15,000 pounds (6,804 kg).
  • A durable steel frame and strong welds withstand hard use and abuse.
  • Forklift tineways make cargo movement easy.
  • High-quality, Grade 5 zinc hardware that’s smartly incorporated into the innovative design ensures the dolly resists corrosion and holds up for years.
  • U.S. military-grade powder-coated finishes in custom color choices keep the dollies looking new.

Ground Support Worldwide also announced two more honors at the show:

  • Gerald (Jerry) Eberle was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award, which goes “to the person who has demonstrated commitment to the industry through numerous years of dedicated service.”

Eberle invented, engineered, manufactured and marketed products through PAGE Industries, which he founded in 1976, or through an outside marketing firm. Many of these product advancements are now considered common place, such as the baggage chute, slot filled designed PCA adapters and180 kVA reactive load banks – the most used gate park systems in the world.

  • Matthew Sheehan, AERO Specialties, was named Team Leader of the Year, an award that honors an “individual who has taken a leadership role with personnel.”

Sheehan started AERO Specialties in 1987 from his attic with just $1,000. The company currently operates with 50 employees and 30,000-plus sq. ft. of manufacturing space selling to more than 16,000 customers.

During the award festivities, the magazine also congratulated LEKTRO on celebrating 70 years this year. LEKTRO was founded in 1945 and has been located in Oregon the entire time, with Eric Paulson as president and a second-generation owner of this family business. LEKTRO built their first electric towbarless aircraft tug in 1967 which they named the AirPorter. LEKTRO’s tugs have always been and still are today all electric and can tow an aircraft ranging from piston engine to narrow-body airliners.

The magazine started the Leaders awards in 2005 as actually one award; "Ground Support Leader of the Year." The award was created to spotlight an individual or company that had made a significant contribution to the industry.

Our first winner was Jim Houck with Continental Airlines.