FRS Services Onboarding Ink to Enhance Ground Handling Services at Munich Airport

Nov. 22, 2023
FRS will use Ink DCS to improve process efficiency, especially in check-in, baggage and boarding as well as additional modules to enhance ground operations.

Ink Innovation, a travel technology provider, has signed an agreement with the ground handling company FRS Services (FRS). This collaboration aims to bolster FRS's operations at Munich Airport (MUC) by implementing Ink's Departure Control System (Ink DCS).

FRS will use the many features of Ink DCS to improve process efficiency, especially in check-in, baggage and boarding. It also offers additional modules to enhance ground operations.

"We look forward to working together, shaping the future together, overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities with a shared determination to succeed," said Jürgen Sterzinger, CEO of FRS Services.

"In a constantly evolving and interconnected world, we know that our success is inextricably linked to the strength of our collaborations and digital development. We are convinced that by working together with Ink, we can unlock untapped potential and create lasting synergies and added value for everyone involved.

"As CEO of FRS Services, I am proud to emphasise the profound importance of partnerships on our path to innovation, growth and sustainable progress."

"It's an honour to integrate FRS into Ink ecosystem. Our suite of solutions will be instrumental in fueling FRS's long-term aspirations, setting new standards in passenger satisfaction, connecting journeys and driving new airline engagements,” said Janet Richards, chief commercial officer at Ink.

Thanks to its intuitive interface, Ink DCS allows FRS to train staff more rapidly, which ensures a decreased learning curve. This efficiency is a significant advantage, enabling them to attract more airlines to service. As a result, it reduces pressure on employees and concurrently boosts their operational productivity.

FRS Services, founded in 2004, is a leading service provider in ​​airport and airline services and is represented at the most important airports throughout Germany. Providing a broad range of training courses, airport services and personnel services, FRS demonstrates comprehensive expertise in the aviation sector. Customers appreciate their experience and professional expertise. Successful and long-standing business relationships prove this.