Northern Colorado Regional Airport Hosts Award-Winning Fly WOAW

April 5, 2018

LOVELAND, COLORADO, March 26 - The Northern Colorado Regional Airport hosted Fly WOAW, an event promoting women of all ages in aviation the week of March 5th. During the event more than 1,700 women and girls experienced their first flight with pilots from the area and surrounding states. Held in conjunction with International Women’s Day celebrating women’s achievements in aviation the annual event was held in over 33 countries. The Colorado Airport overwhelmingly won iWOAW International honors with the most flights and participants during the week.

Northern Colorado Regional Airport was awarded the honor of “Most Female Friendly Airport Worldwide” and set a new global record for most first flights given in one week.

Deb Montgomery, FBO Manager of the Fort Collins/Loveland Jet Center, “This was the most amazing even, and I would do it all over again.”

With days often exceeding 12 hours, the airport staff and volunteers cheered as each new record of attendees was set throughout the week. The Jet Center was also the host to displays from CDOT Aviation Division, Aims Community College, The Air Force Academy, Angel Flight, The Flying School, Leading Edge Flight Training, Civil Air Patrol, MCR EMS Helicopter, Whirly-Girls and the Forest Service giving those in attendance the opportunity to speak about training and careers in the local aviation community.

Ronnie Bogart, a former instructor at the local helicopter training center, spent countless months planning for the event. She won the 2018 “Most Productive Organizer Worldwide” Award for setting a new world attendance record for the event.

“It exceeded my wildest expectations,” she said.

When asked if she would help host the event at Loveland in the future, she said, “I know there is a lot of interests to host an event here next year. If it is not me, I hope that someone will carry the torch and plan an event.”

When one little girl expressed fear of heights when boarding an airplane, Deb made it a point to check in with her after her fight.

“She didn’t want to fly, but after explaining to her to look out and count the other airplanes, she agreed,” says Montgomery. “And when she returned she was beaming with a huge grin and gave me a high five.”

Every year since 2010, communities and individuals have organized local activities to raise awareness and introduce girls of all ages to the multiple facets of the air and space industry during the Week of March 8, the anniversary date of the world’s first female pilot license.

iWOAW motivates and supports small to large actions across the globe and rewards the most successful participants with its coveted Fly It Forward Awards. Strict rules apply to ensure the integrity of the results. Only 117 of 179 activities organized to celebrate the Week were eligible for award consideration.