Unison Launches Acclimate Solid State Ignition

July 15, 2014
AcclimateTM Ignition System is a family of revolutionary high energy, high temperature ignition systems for commercial turbine engines.

Farnborough, UK, July 15, 2014 – Unison Industries today announced the launch of the AcclimateTM Ignition System, a family of revolutionary high energy, high temperature ignition systems for commercial turbine engines.  Acclimate Ignition for industrial platforms will launch later this year.  

As a proven leader in turbine engine ignition systems, Unison developed the solid-state Acclimate product line to address customer needs for advanced ignition capability and to respond to growing regulatory constraints on traditional spark gap units. The adaptive functionality built into Acclimate designs allow the exciter performance to vary based on specific combustion and environmental requirements, optimizing ignition performance and overall system life.

To accomplish the adaptive capability, the Acclimate exciter employs proprietary electronics that use sensed data and software generated commands to vary the amount of spark energy delivered as well as the spark rate, based on environmental conditions such as extreme weather, temperature and operator altitude. Acclimate functionality can also be commanded through the Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) or Electronic Engine Control (EEC).

"With the growing trend of climbing engine temperatures and combustion pressures, Acclimate was developed to provide reliable ignition in the severest combustion conditions while reducing delivered energy in optimum start conditions,” said Unison General Manager of Electrical Products, Elaine O’Neill. This generates measurable life-cycle value for customers, while addressing the regulatory challenges of traditional spark gap ignition.”

According to Unison President, Giovanni Spitale, “Unison developed the first solid state ignition system, so it is a natural product extension to offer a high energy solid state adaptive system to meet the needs of changing regulatory and engine ignition environments.”

About Unison Industries:

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