Navhouse Corporation Announces Significant Increase in Honeywell IRS Sustainment Capabilities

March 21, 2014
Navhouse has acquired from ST Aerospace its Honeywell-built STS-1000 test equipment and related infrastructure recently in service in Kastrup, Denmark.

Bolton, ON – Navhouse Corporation today announced that it has significantly increased its range
of capabilities on Honeywell inertial reference systems and now is able to support a vast portion of
the global aircarrier fleet flying Honeywell and/or Northrop Grumman (Litton Systems) equipment.
Navhouse has acquired from ST Aerospace its Honeywell-built STS-1000 test equipment and
related infrastructure recently in service in Kastrup, Denmark. This equipment, previously owned
by Scandinavian Airlines, supported SAS’s internal requirements and that of many European air
carriers flying Honeywell inertial systems. It now finds a new home at Navhouse’s headquarters in
Bolton, Ontario.

Navhouse now offers sustainment capability to support customers using a broad range of
Honeywell inertial systems, including all models of HG1050, HG1103, HG2001 and HG2030.

“We are delighted to have acquired these capabilities. This builds upon our patient investment in
proprietary HG1050 IRS MRO capabilities and upon our years of experience sustaining Litton
Systems INS equipment for both civilian and military customers on a global basis” stated Glynn
Williams, President and CEO. “We understand that commercial carriers flying Honeywell IRS
equipment continuously evaluate their sustainment options. With our established track record of
rapid turn-times, leading service quality and competitive pricing, we are confident that operators
will continue to look to Navhouse as their partner in inertial system and component sustainment.”

Doug Jenkinson, Business Development Manager, stated, “Honeywell IRS equipment is used
onboard most of the commercial airline fleet. By developing these new capabilities, we have
responded to many commercial operators who have challenged Navhouse to meet their
Honeywell IRS sustainment needs. We are very excited to work closely with them, as well as new
customers, as we continue to expand our offerings in the inertial sustainment field to meet their
evolving needs.”

As a Level IV repair station with FAA, Transport Canada and EASA approvals, along with ISO
9001:2008, SAE AS9100C and CGRP certifications, and audited to Case 1a standards, Navhouse
has been able to provide INS/IRS sustainment solutions to some of the world’s most demanding
civilian and military operators for many years. Mike Butterworth, General Manager, stated “As a
center of excellence in inertial system and component sustainment, we have maintained our focus
on continuous improvement and innovation to support our global customers who rely on us to
meet their ever more rigorous quality, reliability, turn-time and total system cost expectations. All
of us at Navhouse are thrilled with this new addition to our capabilities”.

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