Woolpert Utilizes Esri Technology to Launch AirportWorX Application Portal

Sept. 15, 2021
GIS-based solution enables airports to efficiently manage work orders, inspections and leases.

Woolpert, an Esri Gold Partner, has developed an operations management application portal to help airports efficiently access and manage daily inspections, work orders and leasehold data. AirportWorX is a GIS-based solution designed to support the needs of general aviation, small commuter, Part 139 and non-Part 139 airports. The application portal aggregates and documents data, analytics and location information through a single dashboard, which is accessible via desktop computer and mobile device.

The portal offers five primary application modules: Airfield Inspection, Fuel Inspection, Wildlife Observation, Work Order Management and Airport Lease Management. Individual issues can be entered into the modules, where they are then categorized, assigned and tracked. Information and images can be uploaded to refine, track and modify the status of each issue, either from the office or the field.

Esri’s Terry Bills said the data captured through ArcGIS Survey 123 for the AirportWorX application portal is designed to optimize field operations, and the application will help airports better understand that data and more easily communicate actions needed.

“AirportWorX brings powerful business capabilities to general aviation and smaller commuter airports without requiring a large IT investment,” Bills said. “It is designed to bring greater visibility and efficiency to the core business functions of any airport, allowing them to provide greater safety and customer satisfaction to their customers.”

Woolpert Geospatial Program Director Ed Copeland said the application portal was developed to provide a comprehensive work order management and workforce resource that would support the specific operations, maintenance and regulatory compliance needs of smaller airports.

“The portal enables you to do all of your daily inspections, submit work orders and tasks, monitor when leases are up to support revenue generation — all of the things that are essential to an airport,” Copeland said. “It also provides an easy transition for those who are still working in Word docs and spreadsheets. The application can generate reports to share with inspectors and the FAA or with leadership, stakeholders and local governments to support transparency, asset management and budget decisions.”

Copeland added that the application is subscription-based and includes 40 hours of support service, from training to configuration. AirportWorX does not require additional software or IT support.

“The portal gives smaller airports the same kind of GIS power that the big commercial airports use to make their day-to-day lives easier,” Copeland said. “The technology has been developed and is readily available, and they should be taking advantage of it. This was built using Esri’s latest technology, ArcGIS Survey123, which analyzes and shares data quickly and securely.”

The AirportWorX application portal follows Woolpert’s FEMA Reimbursement Toolkit, which was developed in 2020 to help airports enter, track and submit reimbursable expenses to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Like the FEMA app, AirportWorX will be available on Esri’s ArcGIS Marketplace, which promotes products and services that extend the capabilities of ArcGIS.