Well, I’ll Be Damned!

Oct. 11, 2017

By golly, people really do pay attention to local airport news!

Most of us—many of us?—muttered as we read about the City of Santa Monica’s desire to shorten the runway at the airport. Check your lastest e-mail from AOPA to get the latest good news.

A U.S. District Judge issued a two-week temporary restraining order to prevent the shortening of the runway before the case against the city could be heard. Surely sounds reasonable to me.

As mentioned, go to AOPA for more info.

Isn’t it great having the government on our side for a change? I love it!

Airports cost fortunes. Why tear them up? Remember when “Da Mayor” dug up Chicago’s Meigs Field in the dark of night? Sickening!

Every airport serves in some form. Let’s fight to keep them when feasible, reasonable and possible.

Runways of the future need to be longer, not shorter.

I hope the good judge’s action sets a precedent.