Ethiopian Airlines Announces Samson Arega As New USA Regional Director

Feb. 16, 2022
Ethiopian Airlines
Samson Arega
Samson Arega

Samson Arega has been promoted to Ethiopian Airlines regional director for the USA.

Arega has successfully led the Ethiopian Airlines Canadian office over the past three years, managing several initiatives and bringing greater awareness to Canadians. Already performing many of the functions of a country manager in Canada, this promotion recognizes increased responsibility and Arega’s leadership ability to continue to lead in the future growth and success of Ethiopian Airlines in the USA market.

“I am excited in my new role and pleased to embrace new opportunities and responsibility to align with Ethiopian Airlines vision. As the country manager in Canada, we have seen tremendous growth in the leisure and business sector. Seeing Canadians recognize Ethiopian Airlines and choosing our airline as the first choice when traveling to Africa, knowing our global brand, and outstanding connectivity, has been very impactful and rewarding to see our growth,” said Arega.

During his time at the Ethiopian Airlines Canada office located in Toronto, Ontario, Arega excelled in managing essential stakeholder relationships pursuing portfolio growth and identifying opportunities for increased profitability and performance results through many suppliers and partnership relationships.

The impact of the pandemic made for tough decisions in the aviation industry, which needed to pivot towards Ethiopian Airlines cargo business which currently remains strong. It was also during this time Arega was able to work closely with global affairs to reunite more than 4,000 stranded Canadian citizens at different countries with their families and loved ones in the early days of the crisis. Arega was also responsible for coordinating over 500 tons of personal protective equipment delivered to Canadian medical professionals and frontline workers at the height of the pandemic.

“Travel came to a virtual standstill when the pandemic started and has had a profound impact on not only our industry but many businesses worldwide. We needed to adapt quickly. I am proud of our airline’s accomplishments and how I, along with my team in Canada, could make a difference during these challenging times,” said Arega.

Arega has been with Ethiopian Airlines since stepping out of university and has never worked for any other company. Arega began his career in sales and marketing at Ethiopian Airlines headquarters in Addis Ababa, then later promoted as Area Manager Kuwait for close to two years before assuming the role of the country manager in Canada.

Arega assumed the new role as USA Regional Director on Jan 20, 2022, at the Ethiopian office in Washington, DC.