Maney Aircraft, Inc. Launches Next Generation Pneumatic Cabin Pressure Leakage Testers

Feb. 24, 2016

ONTARIO, CA - February 25, 2016 - Maney Aircraft, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the new line of Next Generation Pneumatic Cabin Pressure Leakage Testers (PCPLT).  The new PCPLTs were designed primarily with the user in mind.  Utilizing a fully automated control system, the new PCPLTs offer a new level of reliability, repeatability, safety, and ease of operation never before seen on ground support equipment.

The fully automated control system and proprietary software completely eliminates the need for constant user inputs and adjustments required with the current testers.  Test parameters are user adjustable before each test to accommodate all types of aircraft.  Test results can be captured and/or printed directly from a webpage interface.  The new testers are housed in a sturdy waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof case with built-in wheels, a retractable handle, and a pressure equalization valve.  The rigid walls of the case are reinforced with ribs in an interlocking grid pattern which allows multiple testers to be stackable and consume a very minimal amount of space. 

Maney Aircraft, Inc. offers three models of the Next Generation Pneumatic Cabin Pressure Leakage Testers:  89405-E050, 89405-E150, and 89405-E250.  The three models are functionally identical but differ in the amount of air flow each unit is capable of handling.

Company Information

Maney Aircraft, Inc. is recognized worldwide for providing systems, parts, components, and support to the aerospace and defense industries.  Maney Aircraft, Inc. is organized into two business units:  Maney Aircraft, which supplies parts, system support and services to the aviation industry, and Sprague Systems Engineering, the leading provider of standard and custom ground support equipment worldwide.

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Samuel Corum/AFP via Getty Images/TNS