The Buzzword from MC2 for the Coming Year is Mandates!

March 3, 2016
Here is some important and timely information that operators need to plan into their maintenance and overhaul schedules.

Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA – Mid-Canada Mod Center (MC2) wants to remind the aviation community of some important considerations for the immediate and longer-term future. “Our View for 2016” – a short listing of mandates and changes” is some important and timely information that operators need to plan into their maintenance and overhaul schedules.

The main events circle around:

• Link-2000


• TCAS II Change 7

• FANS 1/A

Here is a Simplified Mandate Summary:

A) Link 2000+ Mandate Overview:

• Key dates:

- Aircraft operating at or above Flight Level (FL) 285:

- Forward Fit: Feb 2020

- Retrofit: Feb 2020

• Exemptions:

- Based on aircraft platform

- FANS 1/A aircraft delivered and operational before 2014

- Aircraft retiring before Dec 2017

B) ADS-B DO-260B (Europe)

- Forward Fit: June 2016

- Retrofit: June 2020

ADS-B Out (Singapore/Hong Kong/Taipei)


ADS-B Out (Australia)

- Flight Level (FL) 290 and above: Dec 2013

- IFR Forward Fit Feb 2014

- ALL IFR Feb 2017

ADS-B Arctic & Oceanic, Gander Oceanic Transfer Area (GOTA)

- May 2014

ADS-B Hudson Bay

- Nov 2010


- NAT OTS Tracks FL 360 to FL 390 Feb, 2013 (Phase 1)

- NAT OTS Tracks FL 350 to FL 390 Feb, 2015 (Phase 2a)

- NAT Region Track FL 350 to FL390 Dec 2017 (Phase 2b)

- NAT Region Track FL 290 and Above Jan 2020 (Phase 2c)

D) TCAS II Change 7.1 (Europe)

- Forward Fit Mandate March 2012

- Retrofit Completion Dec 2015

TCAS II Change 7.1 (Australia)

- Forward Fit Jan 2014

Make certain you have or are planning to become compliant with these mandates! Incorporate them along with others and make the down time truly count. We already hold King Air and Challenger 604 STCs for some of these mods that will help you get moving faster. Our Sales and Marketing Manager – David Hume – is ready today to get things moving with you and help plan your changes.

For additional information or details please feel welcome to contact Dave - by direct telephone at (514) 298-8346 or by email at [email protected].

About MC2 - MC2 has been in business since 1996 (AMO #59-97). Their primary focus is in providing industry leading avionics expertise to the corporate and 2nd tier commercial aviation markets. MC2 specialties include ADS-B, FANS, WAAS FMS with LPV, cabin entertainment and communication systems including the latest in Satcom, Wi-Fi applications and cockpit redesign/modernization. They are also experts in TCAS, EGPWS, TAWS, RVSM and EFB applications. Located in the North End Business Aviation area of Lester B Pearson International Airport (LBPIA) - CYYZ, the MC2 facilities are easily accessed by air or road, fully secure and central to many other related aviation support providers. They also provide 24/7 AOG service.