Tapestry Expands GOLDesp Product Suite to Include Capabilities for Transportation Movements, Accommodations and Fuel Management

May 8, 2018

Tapestry’s GOLDesp MRO & Supply software – the No. 1 tri-service logistics solution for sustainment of complex assets – has expanded its product suite to include transportation movements, accommodations management and fuel management systems.

The new enhancements include:

  • MOVE Transportation Management System, which is designed to manage the lifecycle of the transportation movements. This includes planning, manning and coordinating cargo movements – supported by automated workflow processes that monitor the execution of the movement delivery process. All user inputs are validated along with error detection messaging.
  • ACCOMMODATIONS Management System, which is used for controlling, managing and assigning military base quarters. The quarters may be either single rooms, houses or other real estate owned by the services.
  • FUEL Management System, which streamlines processes for managing the lifecycle of bulk petroleum products. It includes receiving, issuing, quality checks, storage and inventory management for ground and aviation operations. It also can be used with a mobile handheld device via a web service to perform fueling operations such as fuel inventory, fuel receipt, fuel issue and Quality Assurance (QA) checks.