GE Aviation Offers Fuel Dashboard at no cost to EMS Customers

April 10, 2020
Providing operational efficiency and agility to customers experiencing hardship due to COVID-19.

GE Aviation is offering a new digital fuel dashboard at no cost to commercial airline customers using GE's event measurement system (EMS), enabled by Microsoft Azure. By making the digital solutions available for free, GE Aviation hopes to provide much needed operational efficiency and agility to their customers who are experiencing unprecedented hardship due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

"Customers have long trusted us to be their partner in safety," said John Mansfield, chief digital officer for GE Aviation. "With the digital fuel dashboard, we're looking to help alleviate our customers' operational pressures during these difficult times. We want to help customers reduce any costs possible and this is a way we can help lower their fuel bills and reduce emissions."

GE Aviation's Digital Group is combining GE's data and analytics domain expertise with the scale and secure capabilities of Azure.

"GE Aviation provides digital solutions that empower airlines to improve efficiency and save valuable resources during this challenging period for the aviation industry," said Matt Renner, president of US Enterprise Commercial at Microsoft. "Microsoft Azure offers quick and scalable access to aggregate data, enabling customers to run flight analytics that improve operational decisions based on facts and reduce fuel emissions."

GE has built a new type of fuel analysis that uses full flight data as its exclusive source. This new fuel dashboard package helps an airline quantify the impacts of their operational behavior by tracking the adoption rate of fuel savings practices and the fuel savings / emission reductions associated with them. This new technology is an industry first and will be available at no cost for customers of GE's airline safety solutions.

"Our customers need us now more than ever," continued Mansfield. "GE Aviation works every day to help our customers be more efficient and agile without ever compromising on safety. Microsoft Azure, with its strong enterprise capability, including global reach, scale and security are all important aspects to provide additional stability for our customers."

In addition to offering the digital fuel dashboard free of charge, GE Aviation is offering new data and analytics-based solutions to the Aviation industry. GE's rich experience in operational flight data, data science expertise and long history in network optimization create a unique opportunity to bring novel solutions to the aviation market, this includes and are not limited to the following:

  • Fleet efficiency evaluation package
  • Asset transfer system package
  • Cabin airflow predictive maintenance analytics
  • Schedule disruption recovery package

Building on the broad partnership announcement in 2016 at Microsoft's annual partner conference, Microsoft Inspire, and the expanded relationship, GE Aviation is using Azure as its cloud to scale its Analytics and Operations solutions. The partnership with Microsoft is accelerating the global cloud deployment of existing products as well as building new analytic workbench capabilities to enable future services and products.