GE Aviation Partners with 4AIR to Offer Business Aviation Customers Access to Environmental Offsets

May 24, 2022

GE Aviation announces 4AIR as its environmental offset partner for business aviation customers. This partnership with 4AIR gives business aviation customers access to comprehensive sustainability programs that offset their environmental impact from flight emissions and is aligned with GE’s ambition to be a net-zero company by 2050, including Scope 3 emissions from the use of sold products.

“Sustainability is part of how GE Aviation does business,” said Melvyn Heard, president of the GE Honda Aero Engines and Passport engine programs at GE Aviation. “As part of our sustainability strategy, we are committed to working with world-class partners that can help us achieve our goals and those of our customers.”

In partnership with 4AIR, GE Aviation is able to provide competitive levels of carbon offset commitments that help the most elite business jet customers compensate for today’s emissions. As private aviation continues to grow, environmental offset commitments are going to be necessary to meet industry and global climate goals.

Customers can fly with confidence as offset projects are independently verified to industry leading standards and permanently retired so a credit may only be claimed once. To make this a seamless process for flyers, 4AIR will track credits to ensure the appropriate volumes are acquired and retired for every flight.

Working with 4AIR, GE Aviation is able to leverage the industry’s leading carbon offset programs that allow customers to make meaningful commitments, such as forestry and renewable energy, to reduce emissions equivalent to those emitted from flying.

The 4AIR offering includes:

  • Carbon Neutral which refers to carbon offsets (or carbon “credits”) that balance the emissions of one activity with the verified emissions reductions from a carbon offset project. These reductions reduce one’s net footprint to zero or “carbon neutral” but are not direct reductions of one’s footprint.
  • Emissions Neutral which refers to the combination of a carbon neutral program with the use of verified carbon offsets to offset the carbon equivalent footprint of non-CO2 emissions. These conversions are done using emissions indexes.
  • Beyond Neutral which refers to the combination of an emissions neutral program with the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to achieve emissions reductions in aviation.
  • Climate Champion which refers to the combination of a beyond neutral program in addition to making a pledge to the Aviation Climate Fund which is designed to support research that supports sustainable aviation technologies and improved operations.