VJ-Advance Video Borescope

RF System Lab manufactures the VJ-ADVANCE, a highly portable video borescope with joystick-controlled, 360-degree camera articulation. It features a larger built-in 3.5-inch LCD monitor, 2x digital zoom, and 640 x 480 resolution. The ergonomic design allows easy one-handed operation of all key functions. This battery-operated borescope weighs less than 2 pounds, and offers on-board photo, video, and audio recording capability. Other features include stainless-steel braided insertion tube, direct USB file transfer, and hard-sided, hinged carrying case. Available with 6.9 mm or 3.9 mm diameter insertion tube, it is well-suited to a wide range of industrial NDT scenarios, including turbines, pumps, gear boxes, and reciprocating engine inspections. It can also be used in corrosion inspections and for visual documentation of internal failures and foreign object damage. RF System Lab offers a free, three-day, no-obligation demo unit to qualified customers. For more information call (989) 731-5083 or visit www.rfsystemlab.us.