OAG Analyser

OAG Analyser is a simple to use online aviation analysis platform which allows you to quickly and easily extract meaning and insight from different data-sets that can be plugged in.

OAG Analyser makes your data analysis quick and easy by customising your data modules using our intuitive Powertable.  It also gives you the ability to schedule regular reports that can be shared with colleagues.

Use our tools to identify trends, spot commercial opportunities and run high-impact reports that will sharpen your strategies and development plans as well as understand competitive behaviour to make informed business decisions.

Modules included in Analyser:

OAG Schedules Analyser - identify trends, spot commercial opportunities and run high impact reports that will sharpen strategies and development plans and allow a better understanding of competitor behaviour.

  • 10 years years’ historical data options back to 1996 and one year forward for trend analysis
  • Changes-only reports
  • Easy to use ‘bank’ structure report
  • Custom MCTs
  • Schedule change alerts
  • Customised QSI 

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OAG Connections Analyser – Give credibility to new route development, air service business cases and QSI modelling. Dynamically model all possible connections, up to two legs, for a hypothetical airline operation.

  • Fast and accurate dynamic building of all global airline connection options
  • Only product to use real connection times based on MCT exception tables.
  • Includes QSI a function
  • Schedules for 1 one year forward as standard
  • Historical data back to 1996
  • Allows ‘what if’ analysis – changes to MCT, proposed new air service and changes in airline alliance composition

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OAG Traffic Analyser - Understand airport and route market sizes quickly and visualise them in an easy one-step process for air service development and airline relations, commercial (airline) marketing, commercial strategy, operational planning and financial forecasting. Developed in partnership with Travelport, a leading distribution services and e-commerce provider for the global travel industry.

  • Adjusted passenger origin and destination MIDT data from 2010 onwards
  • Accuracy gained by validation against OAG’s schedule data
  • Mix report – allows you to pull the full traffic composition of a particular airport, city, country or region

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OAG DOT Analyser - The US Department of Transport gathers valuable data on the US aviation market, but its datasets are difficult to manipulate and extract market insights from. DOT Analyser takes the hassle out of working with the data so you can gain the business critical intelligence you need faster and more easily.

US DOT T100 

  • Latest and historical on-board passenger and cargo traffic data (1981 onwards domestic, 1990 international).
  • Flown Passenger Data & Load factors
  • Traffic schedules by carrier, class and aircraft type
  • US carrier data - domestic and international by segments (non—stops) and market (all carriers)

US DOT Form41

  • Data combined with US certified airline schedules (1968-)
  • Traffic schedules by carrier
  • Financial information: balance sheets, income statements, employee counts and traffic schedules


  • OD1A (1981-) and OD1B (1998- *DOT authorisation required)
  • Passenger counts and revenues from US DOT 10% sampling of passengers
  • Traffic schedules by carrier, aircraft type and origin

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OAG Mapper - This easy-to-use platform allows airport commercial and marketing departments to create and manage their own route maps. There is no need to manually draw an arc on a map as the software does this for you, saving you time and money.

  • Automatically draws route maps in seconds
  • Draws data from the OAG’s market leading schedules database of over 900 airlines and 4000 airports
  • Filter results by carrier, alliance, equipment, codeshare
  • Customize your chosen network lines and labels

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