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Pre-conditioned Air Hoses Duct

TECHNIFLEX pre-conditioned air system ductings areused transferring of hot and cold air with resistant technical fabrics without degradation.

They are designed and manufactured specially.

Additionally, they should resist the mechanical effects coming from the working environment (drag, pres, impulse, vibration .etc)

 We have wide range of manufacture  in all our ventilation duct and flexible hose types with all types of fabric, diameter and length accord with temperature and pressure of ventilation system.


·         Wide temperature ranges: -70 degress to +1100 degress

·         By means of external galvanized and steels wireresistance to ground dragging and abrasion.

·         By means of flexible structure; it can be easily stowed and used for a long time without deformation usefully.

·         UV, mold and mildew abrasion resistant duct for outdoor use

·         moisture resistant duct

·         Insulated and non-insulated available

·         Antistatic

·         Flame retardant

·         High temperature

·         Spiral wire reinforced ducting

·         Various addition apparatus and multifarious hanger accessories For easy assembly of connection

 Applications :

Pre-conditioned Air (PCA) System 

Aircraft Ground Support Equipment (GSE) 

Military aircraft and helicopter fleets


We remain at your disposal with our low-priced products.

For your all requirements of duct, please visitwww.techniflex.com.tr


Since 1987…

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Eco-Friendly GPU

Product From Start Pac/Rotorcraft Enterprises LLC

A patent pending eco-friendly aircraft ground power unit that uses up to 75 percent less fuel than traditional equipment has been launched by leading global ground support manufacturer, Start Pac. Start Pac’s new lithium 26V hybrid ground power unit, the Hi-Brd 3 GPU, is one of the few units that meets  current Tier IV EPA emissions standards. It is available in two models:The unique self-propelled version, which makes it simple and easy to maneuver for shorter distances as well as towable for longer distances and the Rover, which is an electric cart mounted drivable unit for longer distances that can also tow luggage and lav carts. The Hi-Brd 3 GPU also runs much more quietly and efficiently than traditional equipment and the simple easy to use key ignition allows for fast on the job training and operation. The unit is also equipped with a built-in battery warmer and charger. 

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Ground Service Provider App

Product From Cygnus Business Media

For more than two decades, Ground Support Worldwide has been the leading publication for the aviation ground support community with an international circulation of 17,000.

And now, we’ve just published our first digital-only magazine, 

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Nextgen Converters

Product From Hobart Ground Systems

 ITW Global GSE, a division of GSE Holdings Inc, an ITW company, announces the upcoming release of the Hobart PoWerMaster® 2400, the next generation of 400 Hz solid state frequency converters ideal for all types of aircraft. The Hobart PoWerMaster

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Aviation Ducting And Hose Products

Product From HBD/Thermoid,Inc. - A Subsidiary Of HBD Industries, Inc.

For more than 90 years, Aeroduct ® Hose/Ducting have been standard products used by ground personnel worldwide. Aeroduct ® Jet Starter Hose is designed for wide temperature ranges (+500 degrees F to -80 degrees F), easily handled by one person, offers high burst strength (+400 PSI), resists abrasion, fuel and mildew. 

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Maneuverable GPUs

Product From Tronair Inc.

Tronair offers state and engine driven ground power units that supply 28.5V DC in rugged, compact, maneuverable units. The diesel or Jet A fuel unit produces 800 amps continuous and 2,000 amps peak. The gasoline unit meets California Clean Air standards and produces 150 amps continuous and 1,000 amps peak.

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PCA Layflat Ducting

Product From Sage Parts Inc.

You simply cannot find a better line of layflat ducting. Choose from three designs, each engineered for uncompromised quality and performance. Economy PCA layflat ducting features sewn construction collapsible blower tubing for demanding positive pressure applications. UltraLyte™ PCA layflat ducting provides the dual benefits of lightweight convenience and heavy-duty performance to withstand highly rigorous ramp requirements. Premium heat-sealed (welded) PCA layflat ducting features unique spiral construction for reduced fatigue and unbeatable service life.

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Nonmetallic PCA Adaptors

Product From Sage Parts Inc.

Engineered best to perform best. Patented non-metallic design with lightweight high-impact polyethylene and amorphous nylon construction for unmatched durability and safety. Resists corrosion and virtually eliminates dangerous rough edges that are common with metal adaptors as they drag along the ground. Fits any aircraft, attaches instantly. Airtight fit, will not shake loose. Maintenance-free, never needs paint, will not dent. Withstands hot and cold temperature extremes. Available in all sizes for every need.

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PCA Connector

Product From Page Industries

Page Industries’ new PCA610 PCAir connector is the ultimate connector on the market today. The PAGE 8-inch nylon composite PCAir connector comes standard with a field replaceable SNAP-IN gasket (no caustic glue, scrapping or cure time), internal spinning ring to eliminated twists in the hose, built-in FOD screen and incorporates the largest internal diameter of any connector to provide maximum air flow to the aircraft. Also a first to the GSE industry, PAGE’s revolutionary design has easy to use “TWIST ON/OFF” technology utilizing a slot-filled design with a robust internal modular latching mechanism that ensures a positive connection to the aircraft. No other PCAir connector offers all of the elements which make the PCA610 the premier connector in the world.  

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Military Spec Ducting

Product From ABC Industries Inc.

ABC Industries manufactures a complete line of military specification SAE38386 low and high pressure construction ducting and military performance specification ducting for ground support operations. Utilizing durable lock-stitched construction and rugged ABC InsulSand™ fabrics, ABC military ducting is offered in desert tan, olive drab, yellow, and black. Optional military specification, heavy-duty, extruded PVC wearstrip is available. The standard end finish is comprised of a 3-inch soft cuff and screw clamp.

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Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Product From Victor Technologies

The Tweco auto-darkening welding helmet features four sensors for enhanced performance at an affordable price. It can be used in both weld mode and grind mode and will darken when TIG welding even at 5 amps. The helmet has a large viewing area of 3.86” x 1.69”, weighs 16 ounces, and uses solar power to eliminate the need to change batteries. It comes with a two-year warranty and in three popular styles: Patriot Eagle, Skull & Fire, and Yellow Dragon. For more information visit

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