TECHNIFLEX pre-conditioned air system ductings areused transferring of hot and cold air with resistant technical fabrics without degradation.

They are designed and manufactured specially.

Additionally, they should resist the mechanical effects coming from the working environment (drag, pres, impulse, vibration .etc)

 We have wide range of manufacture  in all our ventilation duct and flexible hose types with all types of fabric, diameter and length accord with temperature and pressure of ventilation system.


·         Wide temperature ranges: -70 degress to +1100 degress

·         By means of external galvanized and steels wireresistance to ground dragging and abrasion.

·         By means of flexible structure; it can be easily stowed and used for a long time without deformation usefully.

·         UV, mold and mildew abrasion resistant duct for outdoor use

·         moisture resistant duct

·         Insulated and non-insulated available

·         Antistatic

·         Flame retardant

·         High temperature

·         Spiral wire reinforced ducting

·         Various addition apparatus and multifarious hanger accessories For easy assembly of connection

 Applications :

Pre-conditioned Air (PCA) System 

Aircraft Ground Support Equipment (GSE) 

Military aircraft and helicopter fleets


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Since 1987…

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Revolutionary PCA Connector

Product From Page Industries

Page Industries’ new PCA610 PCAir connector is the ultimate connector on the market today.  The PAGE 8” Nylon composite PCAir connector comes standard with a field replaceable SNAP-IN  gasket (no caustic glue, scrapping or cure time), internal spinning ring to eliminated twists in the hose, built-in FOD screen,  and incorporates the largest internal diameter of any connector to provide maximum air flow to the aircraft.  Also a first to the GSE industry, PAGE’s revolutionary design has easy to use “TWIST ON/OFF” technology utilizing a slot filled design with a robust internal modular latching mechanism that ensures a positive connection to the aircraft.  No other PCAir connector offers all of the elements which make the PCA610 the premier connector in the world.  

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Hose Assembly Shop

Product From Varga Enterprises Inc.

Varga Enterprises has an FAA/TSO Approved Eaton brand hose assembly shop manufacturing new aircraft hoses all made from genuine Eaton parts. It makes aircraft hoses for general, agricultural, regional, corporate, OEM, and military aviation customers using the highest standards and products available to the aircraft industry. Also available are Eaton brand fittings, couplings, clamps, bulk hose, seals and Rynglok. FAA Certified Repair Station #ZVRR419L. For more information call 

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Military Specification Ducting

Product From ABC Industries Inc.

ABC Industries manufactures a complete line of military specification SAE38386 low and high pressure construction ducting and military performance specification ducting for ground support operations.  Utilizing durable lock-stitched construction and rugged ABC InsulSand™ fabrics, ABC military ducting is offered in desert tan, olive drab, yellow, and black.  Optional military specification, heavy-duty, extruded PVC wearstrip is available. The standard end finish is comprised of a 3” soft cuff and screw clamp.  For more information, visit 

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Product From Techniflex Industrial Hose


Techniflex Flexible PCA hose Aircraft Adapter for heating and air conditioning  which uses in PCA systems or  mobile A/C units , turn with 90 degree angle while the connect with the plane  and the connected with plane.

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Product From Techniflex Industrial Hose

Pre-conditioned Air Hoses Duct

TECHNIFLEX pre-conditioned air system ductings areused transferring of hot and cold air with resistant technical fabrics without degradation.

They are designed and manufactured specially

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GSE Ducting & Hoses

Product From Techniflex Industrial Hose

TECHNIFLEX is the high temperature hose trademark which produces one layer hoses resist up to 700 C, and multi layer hoses resist up to 1100 C. 

TECHNIFLEX ductings areused transferring of hot and cold air with resistant technical fabrics without degradation.

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AXA 2400 Compact

Product From AXA Power - An ITW GSE Group Company

The AXA 2400 compact GPU is the safe choice for the supply of modern aircraft. As the only GPU in the market, it has 400% overload at output! Also, it provides 90 kW continuous at an ambient temperature of 56 degrees C. The AXA 2400 Compact is equipped with the patented 

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400 Hz Market Leader

Product From Page Industries

PAGE Industries has been providing the highest quality of equipment to the GSE industry since 1976 by providing to the 400 Hz marketplace such items as 400 Hz gate boxes, line drop compensators, military ramp power distribution equipment, hangar power systems and many, many 400 Hz distribution components. In addition, PAGE has a long and significant presence in the GSE market with its own PCA hose reels, bridge- (bogie) mounted PCA hose reels, PCA connectors and baggage chutes. PAGE - your CONDUIT to performance.

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PCA Ducting

Product From HBD/Thermoid,Inc. - A Subsidiary Of HBD Industries, Inc.

Aeroduct® preconditioned air system ducting moves hot and cold conditioned air. It handles wide temperature ranges: 40 degrees F to +275 degrees F. Available in various lengths, it can be flattened and rolled up for easy storage.

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High-Impact Cables

Product From MCM Engineering Inc.

The MCM GOLD X Nose used on MCM 400Hz Aircraft cables, is made from a material with high impact strength to help protect the power and relay contacts. A very low coefficient of friction makes it very resistant to abrasion.

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