Pushback Tractor

Pushback Tractor

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Introducing the new XL-series pushback tractors from Eagle Tugs, featuring standard 4WD/4WS for superior control of all narrow-body aircraft, in all weather conditions. The XL-series are backed by an industry-leading 3-year/3,000-hour warranty.

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Softcapture Cradle

Product From Tronair Inc.

Tronair’s JP100SSC SOFTCAPTURE® TLTV is equipped with the SOFTCAPTURE® cradle that allows the tug operator to capture aircraft from the driver’s seat without the use of straps on the strut or the nose landing gear.

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Apron Buses

Product From Cobus Industries LP

COBUS Airport People Moving Buses are used to move airline passengers around  on airport ramps: between terminals and to/from aircraft parked on remote hardstands. COBUS are the No. 1 apron buses in the world.

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High Speed Cargo Tractor

Product From Eagle Tugs

Eagle Tugs was the originator of the Bob Tail high-speed cargo tractor more than 40 years ago and is still the leader today. Eagle Bob Tails can tow cargo up to 90,000 pounds. (40,823 kilograms).

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Hercules Tractor Refurbishment

Product From Hercules Engine Components

Complete refurbishment of baggage tow tractors. All makes and models. Repower with new engine or convert to electric. Tractors are disassembled to bare chassis, sandblasted and primed. New engine, rebuilt trans., new elect., glass, tires, brakes, etc. Tractor is brought to "zero time" like new.

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Remote Control Tug

Product From Aircraft Spruce & Specialty

The iTowBot's loading sequence is as easy as driving the unit directly under the nosewheel of your aircraft. The iTowbot is engineered so that when the aircraft loads, the weight of the loaded aircraft does not inhibit its zero-turn capability. This allows the operator to articulate the aircraft in a manner that places it ahead of all other towing equipment. A foot-operated release allows the operator to unlock the swivel carriage and merely back out from beneath the nosewheel. 

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Cargo, Baggage Tractor

Product From SCHOPF Maschinenbau GmbH

The Rofan ZH5 is capable of towing loads up to 35 tonnes. With a drawbar pull of more than 20,000 N and equipped with the 64 kW Deutz TD2012 engine, the ZH5 can be used for heavy-duty cargo and baggage applications. The fast, flexible PowerHybrid system is unique in providing both diesel speeds outdoors and emission-free operations indoors, which enables the ZH5 to deliver goods in half the time.

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Electric Tow Tractor

Product From JBT AeroTech, Jetway Systems

The JBT AeroTech B400e electric pushback tractor is designed to handle all RJ’s and narrow-body aircraft including the B757. Outstanding features include an 80-volt AC electrical system, single maintenance free motor and controller, and a rear-mounted 930 Ah battery providing two shifts worth of pushbacks before recharging.

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Unibody Frame Construction

Product From Taylor-Dunn Manufacturing

Available with multiple engine packages to meet various environmental conditions. The unit is equipped with steel unibody frame construction for durability and reliability. The unit has excellent steering capability and maneuverability.

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Complete Airside Solutions

Product From Compass eGSE LLC

With more than 20 years of GSE related experience and expertise, Compass eGSE LLC brings you complete airside solutions. Compass eGSE offers the following: buy/sell both new and pre-owned ground support equipment, rent-2-own program, consulting, appraisals, photobuys, GSESP and much more. We can very often find solutions for unusual needs.

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All-Purpose Tractor

Product From Trepel Airport Equipment GmbH

The CHALLENGER 700 is a conventional aircraft tractor that is capable to handle pushback, repositioning and maintenance towing of all widebody aircraft including a fully loaded Airbus A380. The mechanical lock-up clutch of the new generation of power shift transmission reduces fuel consumption when moving at higher speed. The liftable power-pack compartment minimizes downtime of the tractor and reduces maintenance costs.

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