Maintenance Platforms

Maintenance Platforms

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Scissor deck aircraft maintenance platforms are lightweight welded aluminum and multi height adjustable. Deck sizes from 4- to 6-foot length, 20- to 40-inch width with max deck heights to 7 feet 5 inches. Scissor decks fold flat for easy transport and storage. Weight capacity of 500 pounds.

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Ground Service Provider App

Product From Cygnus Business Media

For more than two decades, Ground Support Worldwide has been the leading publication for the aviation ground support community with an international circulation of 17,000.

And now, we’ve just published our first digital-only magazine, 

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Fall Protection Solutions

Product From Hy-Safe Technology

Hy-Safe understands the challenges that come with aircraft maintenance; this is why it offers a wide array of fall protection solutions for the airline industry. Whether you need a portable, overhead, cable or rail system, Hy-Safe can provide you with a custom solution for your fall protection needs. For more information visit

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Fall Arrest Lift System

Product From Lift-A-Loft Corporation

The Lift-A-Loft TMX series truck-mounted maintenance lift is now available with an option for a telescopic overhead lanyard system. The Lift-A-Loft TMX incorporates a telescopic scissor mechanism that allow for an easily maneuverable and compact truck-mounted maintenance lift while still providing a 15-foot long work platform. The unique telescopic scissor provides a wide stance at full elevation, a feature that cannot be achieved with a conventional scissor lifting mechanism.

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Fall Arrest System

Product From Man Lift Mfg. Co.

Man Lift Engineering has developed a fall arrest system. It provides for the ability to walk outside the platform to do work such as aircraft painting and repair as well as other uses. Engineers are available to design a safe fall protection system for your specific application. It was designed and tested in accordance with OSHA Personal Fall Arrest Systems: 1926.502(d) -1926 Subpart M App C Boomlift Testing.

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Fall Restraint System

Product From ThyssenKrupp Airport Systems

The engineers at ThyssenKrupp have reviewed existing fall protection designs and developed an new patent pending system that many believe will provide a new standard in PBB safety.

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Portable Maintenance Crane

Product From HABCO Industries

HABCO has designed and manufactured various maintenance cranes and accessories over the past 15 years.  With cranes fielded throughout the US Army, US Navy, and US Marines, HABCO is pleased to offer a commercial portable maintenance crane.  By taking the stringent requirements of the US Army and coupling it with a unique design to allow one operator to move the crane under full load, HABCO has a unique design that can be used in any aircraft maintenance location.  The crane and base are also used for fall prevention and makes a great double use out of this one product.

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Ranger Work Stand

Product From Spika Welding and Manufacturing Inc.

A highly versatile single-user work stand, Spika’s variable-pitch Ranger provides access to multiple heights and accommodates various overreach requirements. Available with manual or electric elevation, the stand may be ordered in virtually any 2- to 3-foot increment of height adjustability, with a deck overreach to suit your specific requirements. The Ranger is OSHA compliant and may be placed against equipment or used independently. The small footprint accommodates restricted work areas. For more information visit 

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Custom Designed Work Platforms

Product From Spika Welding and Manufacturing Inc.

Spika excels at custom design; in fact, that's really the heart of our business! Each product we design and build is engineered to address the unique needs of our customer. We work with you and your team to ensure that the product you receive is ideally suited to your space, access, and mobility requirements.

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Wheel Well Ladders

Product From Calico Ladders LLC
  • 1" Wide durable support padding helps protect the aircraft from damage
  • large 16" x 16" platform with wing walk coating provides a comfortable slip-resistant work surface.
  • Top Hooks designed to attach securely to aircraft wheel wells
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TurboLite self-retracting lifeline

Product From Miller by Honeywell

Miller's TurboLite self-retracting lifeline is a lightweight and compact alternative to shock-absorbing lanyards. Extremely compact and lightweight (1.9 pounds [.86 kg]), it provides 6-foot (1.8 m) working capacity lifeline. The unit attaches directly to the harness back D-ring for greater mobility and versatility. Features include engineered webbing for greater abrasion resistance and long service life; high-strength, impact-resistant nylon housing for maximum durability; and built-in swivel prevents lifeline from twisting. It eliminates the need for different fall protection equipment to address fall clearance, reduces risk because workers are using the proper equipment when fall clearance changes, and increases productivity by keeping workers on the job longer. Miller TurboLite Personal Fall Limiters are competitively priced with shock-absorbing lanyards and will keep safety costs in line. For more information call (800) 873-5242 or visit

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