Pressure tester kit

Pressure tester kit

Pressure tester kit Product Image

You don’t have to be told how aggravating it can be to reach down into the cowling to get to those spark plug holes for a quick leakdown check. It’s a real pain to get the hose to reach the spark plug hole without contorting your arm into pretzels. Well, we feel your pain... You don’t have time to waste fighting your tools, Aircraft Tool Supply paired up the ATS 2EM differential pressure tester (with Master Orifice) along with the spark plug port extension tool to make your life a whole lot easier. For more information visit

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Automated Pitot Static Test Set

Product From DFW Instrument Corporation

The Automated RVSM/AOA-3CH Pitot Static Test Set, model DPST-9300A-3CH, is a fully automated flight line Angle of Attack/3 Channel Smart Probe Tester, designed to provide regulated total (PT) pressure and static (PS) pressure outputs (Altitude, Airspeed, Vertical Speed, & AOA parameters). The test set is certified to perform Reduced Vertical Separations Minimum 'RVSM' and Pitot Static FAR 91.411 and/or FAR 43 Appendix E. 

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Viscosity Measurement

Product From Hydramotion Ltd.

Portable and online viscosity measurement instrumentation that is easy to operate and quick to clean, requiring no accessories or recalibration.

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Corrosion Module Software For the EPOCH 600 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Product From Olympus NDT

Olympus, a world leader in nondestructive testing technologies, introduces the new Corrosion Module software that is now available with the portable EPOCH 600 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector. The Corrosion Module is designed for the growing population of inspectors that require both flaw detection and corrosion measurement solutions as standard application offerings.  This optional software provides simplified instrument operation for basic corrosion applications, requiring less set up time and more efficient data collection. 

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"Purge Air" aircraft fuel tank rapid purging and venting system.

Product From Deltic Group Inc., The

"Purge Air" aircraft fuel tank rapid purging and venting system can be used to quickly drain residual fuel in tanks, purge and ventilate the tanks, and provide technicians with a supply of breathable air.  Available in 3 configurations: cart mounted for hangar use, fitted AKH container, or packaged in 3 flight boxes.

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Videoscope system

Product From Karl Storz Industrial-America Inc.

The KARL STORZ Industrial CLICK4MOVE is the next generation in flexible videoscopes intended for technical industrial remote visualization imaging within aviation, aerospace, power generation, and research & development applications. It was ergonomically designed for single hand use for either right- or left-­handed operators. Operation is performed using an innovative CLICK4MOVE manual control (unlike a traditional joystick control) providing both tactile and audible feedback when controlling the four-­way articulation which is lag free and prohibits over-­travel. The videoscopes offer 4 mm and 6 mm outer diameters in several lengths for turbine engine inspections. For more information visit

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NDT overhead track lighting


Spectronics' ONT-365 On-Trak NDT inspection system utilizes powerful UV-A and white light LEDs attached to a mountable platform for maximum flexibility and versatility. It is ideal for use in NDT inspection booths, and for pre-inspections and screening applications requiring maximum uniformity of coverage over a large area. It features four broad-beam lamp heads. Each has three ultra-high-flux UV-A (365nm) LEDs for NDT inspection and one white light LED for general illumination. The system allows inspectors to move the lamp heads anywhere along the tracks so that beam patterns can be made to fit specific needs. Lamp heads can even be added for increased area coverage. For more information call (800) 274-8888 or visit

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Portable video borescope

Product From Titan Tool Supply Co.

Designed for aviation and ground support equipment maintenance, the Model TTSVS.6 video borescope from Titan Tool is an easy-to-use, 5.7 mm diameter, hand-held inspection instrument featuring two-way articulation (

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Aviation products and services

Product From Precision Aviation Group (PAG)

Precision Aviation Group Inc. (PAG) is a leading provider of products and value-added services to the worldwide aerospace and defense industry. With 150,000 square feet of sales/service facilities in the United States and Canada, PAG uses its distinct business units and customer-focused business model to serve aviation customers through two business functions – Aviation Supply Chain and its trademarked Inventory Supported Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul – ISMRO. 

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Videoscope systems

Product From Lenox Instrument Co. Inc.

Lenox Instrument Co. offers a complete line of portable videoscope imaging systems, including ultraviolet (UV) models that speed up inspection time and reduce costly, unnecessary tear down of critical military aviation equipment like helicopter and jet engines, turbines, aircraft fuselage, hydraulic and fuel systems, gearboxes, gun and weapon systems, and wire harnessing. 

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Drain probe

Product From Bogert Aviation

Bogert’s 90-degree probe for the AVI-BJ107 drain valve can be used on many Continental aircraft engines. The probe has an O-ring seal around the valve body making it leak proof while also locking the probe to the valve body. Another improvement is the compactness of the probe. It is actually shorter than the original AVI-BJ107B probe making it easier to install and use. It is a high quality and low cost alternate to Piper part number 481-359, Beechcraft part number 107-B and Auto Valve Inc. AVI-BJ-107B. For more information visit or call (800) 627-8088.

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