Equipment & Tool Tracking Software

Equipment & Tool Tracking Software

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The cost of lost or or neglected? equipment and tools can add up fast. CheckMate tool tracking software helps reduce costs and increase profit by effectively managing tools and equipment. We created one of the most affordable, user friendly tool tracking software application on the market and is used in hundreds of industries including construction and contracting, manufacturing, restoration, law enforcement, energy and the United States Military.

Track three classes of tools and equipment for increased flexibility

High value tools can be tracked individually; bulk tools can be tracked as a category or track consumable quantity on hand (QOH) and amount used for a better understanding of process performance; consumables are inventoried until check-out.

Establish chain-of-custody and accountability

Down time and tool replacement are costly. Use CheckMate equipment tracking software to keep your tools on the job and eliminate loss or theft by establishing complete chain-of-custody. Reporting allows managers to know who last used a tool and when it is due back

Other Key Features:

CheckMate Tool Tracking Software was designed to be the most affordable, robust, flexible and user friendly solution on the market.

Multiple Location Inventory Management

Our software allows business owners with multiple remote job sites to divide their inventory and deploy equipment and tools to a remote location.

Equipment Maintenance Software

Manage maintenance requirements, scheduling and history. Indicate which tools need maintenance, schedule maintenance appointments and record last known condition.

Mobile Inventory Management

Our portable tool input module allows users to add parts and tools to inventory from the field upon acquisition.

Tool Kiting

Group or kit multiple tools, parts and manuals for simple and fast check-in and check-out.

Advanced Custom Reporting

CheckMate Toolroom software provides comprehensive reporting, giving you visibility to your company’s operational performance.


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