SCHOPF LoadStar 140

SCHOPF LoadStar 140

SCHOPF LoadStar 140 Product Image

SCHOPF has added the LoadStar 140, a 14-ton main deck loader, to its successful cargo loader product line. This loader provides main deck and lower lobe container loading capability for a wide range of aircraft. It is equipped with a multi-directional ULD transfer system and proven SPS controls for convenience and less components. The SCHOPF LoadStar 140 saves loading and offloading time, due to latest and well-proven components. It handles all pallets and ULDs up to a weight of 14 tonnes and a length of 20 feet.

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'Build Your Own' Caster

Product From Caster Concepts Inc.

Caster Concepts, manufacturer of heavy duty industrial casters and caster wheels, is pleased to announce the launch of a new product configurator. Answering the call of design engineers for on-demand CAD models that easily integrate into products, Caster Concepts and PARTsolutions have collaborated on the first customizable CAD designer for industrial caster downloads.

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Ball Transfer Units

Product From Alwayse Engineering Limited

Alwayse Engineering has further developed the quietness of its new 807 Air Cargo Ball Transfer. This unit has received acceptance from a number of international companies. They are also pleased to announce that they have been honored again with The Queen's Awards for Enterprise — International Trade 2008.

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CHAMP 300 Pallet/Container Loader

Product From Trepel Airport Equipment GmbH

Trepel Airport Equipment GmbH has designed the CHAMP 300 pallet/container loader that is a self-propelled unit designed to handle containers and pallets up to 20 feet in length and a maximum of 30 tons. The 300 is capable of operating with a bridge platform height between 2 and 5.6m and can service main and lower deck compartments of a Boeing 747, DC- 10, L-1011, and A300 aircraft.

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Container/Pallet Loader

Product From TLD

TLD offers three main container and pallet loaders: Model 838 with 16,500-pound capacity; Model 929 with 33,000-pound and 44,000-pound capacity and the Model 121 with 66,000-pound capacity. Operators and maintenance personnel can appreciate the speed, ease-of-operation and industry-leading diagnostics on all TLD loaders.

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Commander Cargo Loaders

Product From JBT AeroTech, Jetway Systems

JBT AeroTech offers a range of cargo loaders capable of servicing lower and main deck cargo. All Commander use the HeliRoll conveys system, which has revolutionized aircraft container and pallet handling. A PLC-based electrical system and swing out power model provide quick access for maintenance servicing.  JBTs cargo loaders are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations and have load ranges of 8,000 to 60,000 pounds.

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Cargo Restraint Products

Product From Cargo Systems Inc.

Cargo Systems provides a full line of cargo restraint products. If you need something simple like a mil-spec strap, tie-downs, fittings, or attachment hardware, we’ve keep hundreds of parts in stock. If you require a custom-designed cargo restraint system for your aircraft, or ground vehicle, the company can assist with that as well. It has engineering capabilities, and a production team that can design and produce something to meet your needs within days.

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Five Power Options

Product From NMC-Wollard Inc.

NMC-Wollard Model TC-888 Belt Loader is available with electric, gas, diesel, LP, and dual fuel power (each with automatic transmission). All power types are emission-compliant, except diesel, which conforms to the TPEM (or FLEX) program. The TC-888 baggage conveyor features a unitized, tubular, impact-deflecting chassis. Modular engine/transmission power pack makes maintenance and repair simple.

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Product From Ground Support Products Corp.

Ground Support Products offers a variety of casters: No. 8729: OEM, forged steel, pressed steel with sealed base bearing, toe guard (winged) and stair casters. No. 8729: Sealed double-ball race wheel bearings prevent dirt and debris from obstructing movement of caster wheel. No. 8729: GSPs 3.5-mm fork is 1/2 mm thicker than most others. No. 8729: Designed specifically for the roughness of the airline industry.

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SCHOPF Hoist Carrier HC 100

Product From SCHOPF Maschinenbau GmbH

Chosen for its superb quality, as well as its ability to handle outsized loads and perform truck-to-plane transfers, the SCHOPF HC 100 is adapted to suit a wide range of aircraft. The HC 100 reduces GSE requirements by being multi-functional. Already in use by civilian and military organizations around the world, the unit is ideally suited to handle aircraft of the C130 Hercules type or similar.

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Quick-Change Caster Pads

Product From Colson Caster Corporation

Colson Caster has expanded its options and accessories line to include an easier way to change casters in the field – Quick-Change Caster Pads now available for most industrial 4-inch x 4-1/2-inch top plate casters. Crafted of unplated carbon steel, the Quick-Change Caster Pad is rugged and safe for welding.

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