ARFF Apparatus

ARFF Apparatus

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We have a variety of Oshkosh ARFF apparatus for sale including Oshkosh T-3000's and T-1500's. Our inventory of airport crash trucks can be sold as is or refubished to any degree you desire.

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Fuel Tank Entry And Rescue

Product From Didsbury Engineering Co. Ltd.

Purge-Air Systems for aircraft fuel tank entry and rescue. Systems include equipment for draining residual fuel, ventilating tanks, providing engineers with constant supply of breathable air, communications, gas detection, lighting, rescue and comprehensive training.

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Life-saving equipment

Product From Allied 100 LLC

Allied 100 LLC provides AEDs, accessories and life-saving equipment. It offers all brands and all models. Order today, and it ships today. For more information visit or call (715) 358-2329.

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FORCE Series ARFF Vehicles

Product From Kovatch Mobile Equipment

KME’s FORCE Series ARFF vehicles set a standard for performance, reliability, and quality. KME manufactures Class I, II and III Rapid Intervention Vehicles (RIV's) on a wide range of commercial chassis. Class IV and V ARFF units are available in GRP or Aluminum configurations in 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 and Air Transportable models. 

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Flame 5000

Product From Draeger Safety, Inc.

The Draeger Flame 5000 utilizes camera technology to capture real-time video images which are analyzed and capable of interpreting for the presence of flames. 

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Airwolf QRV (Quick Response Vehicle)

Product From Rosenbauer


Rosenbauer specializes in manufacturing structural and aircraft fighting vehicles for municipalities and airports worldwide.

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Product From K-Air Charters

TTAF: 370 Hrs




  • Base : Jet White Pearl Metallic
  • Trim:  Light Bronze Pearl Metallic






  • 9 Hole Instrument Panel
  • Artificial Horizon
  • Directional Gyro Heading Indicator
  • Turn Coordinator
  • Garmin Course Deviation Indicator
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2004 Citation Bravo for sale

Product From K-Air Charters

Airframe: 3502 Hrs

  • Maintenance tracking done by Cescom valid up to 2014
  • Cessna Technical publications valid up to 2013
  • Universal Avionics technical publications valid up to 2013
  • Jeppesen Airway manuals (Jeppview) MES04 valid up to 2013
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Tool & Equipment Tracking For Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting

Product From Dynamic Systems Inc.

Track Who, Where, When

Toolroom tracks Who took the tool, Where it is now and When it is due back.  Companies find that by having current information on the location of critical tools, the time spent looking for the right tool is eliminated and the employees’ frustration is reduced.  The problem of lost and misplaced tools is eliminated, and theft is virtually eliminated.  The software is easy to use and the payback for the system implementation is often just a few months, making it very affordable for any size company.

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Aviation Bar Codes

Product From Dynamic Systems Inc.

Special labels that withstand water and high heat.


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Safety Devices

Product From Stability Dynamics

Stability Dynamics produces rollover warning devices for operator training and situational awareness. The LG Alert was originally developed in response to a Transport Canada study into the cause of several ARFF vehicle rollovers. The study concluded that operators needed to be trained to recognize these limits. The LG Alert has been tested at US DoD Aberdeen Test Center and is used on many U.S. off-road vehicle iterations.

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