Stewart & Stevenson TMAC 150 PPM Airstart

Stewart & Stevenson TMAC 150 PPM Airstart

Stewart & Stevenson TMAC 150 PPM Airstart Product Image

1999 Trailer mounted S&S 150 PPM Airstart. 1500 Original hours. Unit Available fully refurbished.

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'Build Your Own' Caster

Product From Caster Concepts Inc.

Caster Concepts, manufacturer of heavy duty industrial casters and caster wheels, is pleased to announce the launch of a new product configurator. Answering the call of design engineers for on-demand CAD models that easily integrate into products, Caster Concepts and PARTsolutions have collaborated on the first customizable CAD designer for industrial caster downloads.

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Ball Transfer Units

Product From Alwayse Engineering Limited

Alwayse Engineering has further developed the quietness of its new 807 Air Cargo Ball Transfer. This unit has received acceptance from a number of international companies. They are also pleased to announce that they have been honored again with The Queen's Awards for Enterprise — International Trade 2008.

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Container/Pallet Loader

Product From TLD

TLD offers three main container and pallet loaders: Model 838 with 16,500-pound capacity; Model 929 with 33,000-pound and 44,000-pound capacity and the Model 121 with 66,000-pound capacity. Operators and maintenance personnel can appreciate the speed, ease-of-operation and industry-leading diagnostics on all TLD loaders.

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Cargo Restraint Products

Product From Cargo Systems Inc.

Cargo Systems provides a full line of cargo restraint products. If you need something simple like a mil-spec strap, tie-downs, fittings, or attachment hardware, we’ve keep hundreds of parts in stock. If you require a custom-designed cargo restraint system for your aircraft, or ground vehicle, the company can assist with that as well. It has engineering capabilities, and a production team that can design and produce something to meet your needs within days.

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Commander HD

Product From Colson Caster Corporation

The Commander HD is designed for superior performance in some of the most abusive applications and environments where high-load requirements and impact resistance are a must. The wheels are machined, not injection-molded, which provides superior resilience and impact strength.

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High-Capacity Casters

Product From RWM Casters

RWM Casters announces heavy-duty dual wheel pneumatic casters custom designed for the GSE industry. Our 2-125 Series Pneumatic Casters offer up to 7,260 pounds. These high-capacity casters are for the heaviest of applications, provide a cushioned ride across the tarmac and are made in the USA.

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Inverted Caster Bed

Product From Wasp Inc.

Wasp Inc. has an inverted caster bed dolly with many design features making it the leader in the industry. The main frame uses high tensile materials to both lighten the dolly and make it much more durable. Tubing reinforcement tie in to the frame for added strength, caster protection, fork tine ways, and stops for virtually all pallets and containers.

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World's Largest GSE Supplier

Product From Sage Parts Inc.

Sage Parts is the world’s largest supplier of GSE and airport-related replacement parts with warehouses in the U.S., Canada, France, The Netherlands, UK and Hong Kong. Sage Parts supplies a complete range of parts and accessories for all types and brands of GSE, including aircraft cargo loaders, deicers, pushback tractors, baggage tractors, GPUs, preconditioned air units, air start units, lavatory/water vehicles, transporters and dollies.

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PCA, Airstart, GPU Supplies

Product From U.S. Airmotive GSE

U.S. Airmotive has been your one-stop GSE supply source for more than 41 years. We stock air start hoses, scuff covers, PCA/heater hoses in both lay flat and accordion style along with fittings and adapters for both. We also manufacture AC/DC GPU cable assembly plugs and receptacles.

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Product From Ground Support Products Corp.

Ground Support Products offers a variety of casters: No. 8729: OEM, forged steel, pressed steel with sealed base bearing, toe guard (winged) and stair casters. No. 8729: Sealed double-ball race wheel bearings prevent dirt and debris from obstructing movement of caster wheel. No. 8729: GSPs 3.5-mm fork is 1/2 mm thicker than most others. No. 8729: Designed specifically for the roughness of the airline industry.

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