Free Hanging Model

Free Hanging Model

Free Hanging Model Product Image

The Air Pear is an energy efficient air turbine, designed to continuously move a column of air to the floor. A typical Air Pear installation includes a series of units mounted just below the ceiling, evenly spaced throughout a facility, working in concert to improve comfort and reduce HVAC energy consumption. The Air Pear is available in several models to accommodate ceiling heights from 8 to 100 feet, ranging from the short Model 10 to the largest Model 100.

Free Hanging Models are typically used in an open type ceiling. Unit is supplied with a 1/4" eye bolt to be pendant hung 12-18" off the ceiling deck. Models 45 and up have several motor/control options including wireless:

Model 10

Model 15

Model 25

Model 45-PSP4

Model 45-PSP2

Model 45-EC

Model 45-EL

Model 60-PSP4

Model 60-EC

Model 60-EL

Model 100-EC

Model 100-EL

Most models available in 120, 230 or 277VAC

Colors in Off White, Gray or Black

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Product From Techniflex Industrial Hose


Techniflex Flexible PCA hose Aircraft Adapter for heating and air conditioning  which uses in PCA systems or  mobile A/C units , turn with 90 degree angle while the connect with the plane  and the connected with plane.

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Product From Techniflex Industrial Hose

Pre-conditioned Air Hoses Duct

TECHNIFLEX pre-conditioned air system ductings areused transferring of hot and cold air with resistant technical fabrics without degradation.

They are designed and manufactured specially

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Patented Airfoil System

Product From Big Ass Fans

The Powerfoil X2.0 features a patented airfoil system, including 10 airfoils and winglets that set the world standard for airflow. This unique aerodynamic design eliminates turbulent airflow at the airfoil tips; while the winglet's unique cuffed design removes wind noise. Patent-pending AirFences are fixed aerodynamic devices applied to the airfoil redirecting air that would otherwise slide off and be lost, contributing to a 28 percent improvement in coverage area. For more information visit

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Battery Monitoring

Product From Vebar

Battery monitoring systems. Remote fleet monitoring. Battery organizing systems. Battery data analyzers and catalogs for forklift batteries. Web-based and completely wireless and multiple site monitoring.

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GSE Engine Additives

Product From Thermoil Battery De-Mister

ThermOil® Battery De-Mister® and De-Sulfater non-hazardous additives make running and maintaining ground support equipment easier and more cost-effective by decreasing maintenance costs and greatly extending battery life. Guaranteed. Watch the irrefutable proof at

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Park It® Parking Stop

Product From GNR Technologies

Heavy-duty wheel stops manufactured from 100% recycled rubber. Unlike concrete, which often breaks, cracks, or chips, flexible rubber parking stops are safer and more durable. In-molded reflective tape available in yellow or white (not paint) increases driver and pedestrian visibility 360-degrees. Park It car stops are available in black, blue, or red rubber with sizes of: 22-inches, 3-foot, 4-foot, and 6-foot lengths. They are covered by a 3 year warranty on the rubber, and 1 year warranty on the tape (under normal use). Can be installed on concrete or asphalt.

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Pilot Director- TDTL (SWAPs) Severe Weather Aircraft Parking System (PAATs) Park At Any Time System

Product From IST International Ltd.

Ideal for airlines & ground support engineers (GSE). Keeps traffic moving in bad weather, lightning, and De-Ice operations. Giving pilots added safety and visibility while directing them into the terminal. Able to stop, slow, and direct the airliner right, left, or forward. The marshals are safe and secure inside a tug or vehicle equipped with these cost saving systems. No missed flights or reschedules, reduces fuel taxiing. Get your passengers to their destinations without delay! Pays for itself in 2-4 uses! NO-tarmac delays, no fines, especially with the passenger rights law. Airlines have already been fined $100,000-$375,000. Most progressive Airlines/FBO have been using for over 10 years. Safety Aircraft Parking.

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Disability Access Audit

Product From Direct Access Consultancy

We are leaders in providing disability access audits for mass transport services. Direct Access has surveyed and audited from local community transport services to some of the world’s largest airports.

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Portable cooling unit

Product From Port-a-Cool

The Port-A-Cool Hurricane portable evaporative cooling unit from Port-A-Cool LLC utilizes high-efficiency cooling pads and water to naturally cool up to 3,500 square feet and lower temperatures up to 30 F. The unit’s design provides 67-gallon water capacity and 14,500 cfm, the largest airflow delivery of any 36-inch evaporative cooler offered. It requires only 11.4 amps for pump and motor operation. Additional features include a digital control panel with easy touch buttons for operation and status displays. For more information visit 

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Aircraft Heaters

Product From Kocoverk International AB

Aircraft heaters from Kocoverk International feature 12 different models; 42KW to 200KW capacity; trailer- or bridge-mounted; stainless steel heat exchangers; five-year warranty; custom-built units available; and worldwide references.

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