Refurbish/Repower GSE

Refurbish/Repower GSE

Refurbish/Repower GSE Product Image

At Hercules, we can completely recycle your old belt loader, tow tractor, pushback or deicer to like-new condition for a fraction of the cost of a new piece of equipment. Our refurbishment program includes a new EPA-certified diesel or gas engine, new hydraulic pump, hydraulic hoses, dash and electrical system. Your unit will look and operate like new. We also offer a state-of-the-art electric conversion option that may pay for itself with fuel and operating cost savings.

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Deicing/Anti-icing Fluid

Product From Cryotech Deicing Technology

Cryotech Polar Guard Advance is an AMS 1428 certified, military approved, propylene glycol based Type IV aircraft deicing/anti-icing fluid. Manufactured in the United States, Polar Guard Advance has the lowest LOUT in the industry at -22.9 F (-30.5 C), with long holdover times in all conditions, and low viscosity for easier handling. 

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'Build Your Own' Caster

Product From Caster Concepts Inc.

Caster Concepts, manufacturer of heavy duty industrial casters and caster wheels, is pleased to announce the launch of a new product configurator. Answering the call of design engineers for on-demand CAD models that easily integrate into products, Caster Concepts and PARTsolutions have collaborated on the first customizable CAD designer for industrial caster downloads.

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World’s Largest GSE Supplier

Product From Sage Parts Inc.

Sage Parts is the world’s largest supplier of GSE and airport-related replacement parts with warehouses in Chile, France, Hong Kong, South Africa, the Netherlands, and throughout Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.   Sage Parts supplies parts and accessories for all types and brands of GSE including; aircraft cargo loaders, deicers, pushback tractors, baggage tractors, ground power units, preconditioned air units, air start units, lavatory/water vehicles, transporters, and dollies. Sage also provides supply chain management, on site supply services, single source supply and many other cost-reduction programs.

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Thermal Circuit Breakers

Product From Peerless Electronics Inc.

Peerless Electronics is a fully authorized stocking distributor for Sensata Klixon thermal circuit breakers for both aircraft and ground support applications. Peerless also stocks switches, relays, contactors, fuses and more. Same day shipping for in stock items.

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Aviation Fluid Containment

Product From Inland Group

Inland’s robust drain block insert offers effective containment of deicing fluid and other liquids. Constructed of stainless steel, the unique drop-down drain design is highly resistant to freezing and clogging. The shallow basin design offers maximum fluid recovery. Optional polypropylene filtration sleeves provide trace hydrocarbon removal for enhanced environmental protection. ­­See complete product description at

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Continental SC20 Energy+

Product From Continental Tire

The SC20 Energy+ features a low rolling resistance. The tire is especially suitable for battery-powered vehicles used in indoor application. Due to the low rolling resistance, vehicles consume less energy and battery lifetime is extended. The results are less downtimes and lower operating costs. In addition, the optimized rolling qualities reduce the heat development within the tire which results in excellent durability even when carrying heavy loads.

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Continental CS20

Product From Continental Tire

Vehicles equipped with the new Continental CS20 save energy in their day to day usage. The closed shoulder design minimizes vibrations and thus maximizes quiet and smooth running which improves the ride comfort. The continuous tread belts of the CS20 help to deal with higher lateral loads and enhance stability when transporting heavy loads and performing frequent directional changes or turn maneuvers. The tread of the CS20 features the innovative double-L-design with a rounded groove contour for excellent traction and self-cleaning characteristics.

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Walk Behind Belt Loader

Product From Wasp Inc.

The unit will service all aircraft having lower lobe doorsill heights ranging from 36 1/2 inches to 108 inches with 119 inches optional. The belt loader features Kohler® Command 18 gasoline engine; variable speed belt with controls mounted on both ends of the belt; automatic hydraulic braking; pneumatic tires and epoxy powder-coated per customer color.

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Buy And Sell GSE

Product From GSE Intl Inc.

We buy,sell and refurbish U.S. made ground support equipment. Specializing in RJ operators support equipment. Lektro towbarless tractors, Hobart 28V DC power carts, air starts, GPUs, pushback tractors, belt loaders, stair trucks, air conditioning, towbars, hydraulic mules, catering trucks, hangar power units, maintenance stands, engine stands, Hobart, Stewart & Stevenson, TLD,Trilectron,Tug Tech. FMC, JBT, Malabar, Columbus Jack, Lektro, JetPorter, NMC-WOLLARD, Lantis, Charlatte, PAR-KAN, Clyde, Wasp, Premier Deicers.

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Deicing IT

Product From Liquid Automation Systems (LAS-USA)

DeiceTrol™  Wireless deice truck telemetry and pad management system. 

  • Provides service dispatching to trucks and automatic capture of all required service data.
  • Wirelessly consolidates data for reporting and invoicing. 
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