Aircraft hoses

Aircraft hoses

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As a member of Wencor Group, Kitco Defense manufactures Parker-Stratoflex hoses for general aviation, military aircraft, helicopters, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), fixed base operators (FBO), overhaul and repair shops, brokers and distributors. Capabilities Include Stratoflex catalog hose assemblies, Military Standards (MS), Aerospace Standards (AS), Qualified Parts Listing (QPL), OEM (Piper, Sikorsky, Bombardier, Beech, Bell, PATS Aircraft), National Stock Number (NSN), alternate part numbers from any other manufacturer matches to any hose assembly, any hose for a customer who has a direct ship authority letter from any OEM and can provide the drawings. For more information visit or call (801) 489-2000.

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Hose Assembly Shop

Product From Varga Enterprises Inc.

Varga Enterprises has an FAA/TSO Approved Eaton brand hose assembly shop manufacturing new aircraft hoses all made from genuine Eaton parts. It makes aircraft hoses for general, agricultural, regional, corporate, OEM, and military aviation customers using the highest standards and products available to the aircraft industry. Also available are Eaton brand fittings, couplings, clamps, bulk hose, seals and Rynglok. FAA Certified Repair Station #ZVRR419L. For more information call 

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GSE Ducting And Hoses

Product From Techniflex Industrial Hose

TECHNIFLEX is the high temperature hose trademark which produces one layer hoses resist up to 700 C, and multi layer hoses resist up to 1,100 C. TECHNIFLEX ductings are used for transferring hot and cold air with resistant technical fabrics without degradation. 

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Product From Techniflex Industrial Hose

TECHNIFLEX pre-conditioned air system ductings areused transferring of hot and cold air with resistant technical fabrics without degradation.

They are designed and manufactured specially

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PermaLite tube fitting system

Product From Designed Metal Connections

Designed Metal Connections manufactures the PermaLite tube fitting system which connects aircraft metallic tubing. Used on business/general aviation aircraft as well as large/regionals and military aircraft, it is designed to repair chafed tubing and pinhole leaks.

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Static Grounding Cable Reels

Product From Hannay Reels Inc.

Hannay Reels HGR and GR Series spring and manual rewind cable reels are designed specifically for use in explosive atmospheres or under hazardous conditions. These reels are ideal for aircraft refueling or wherever a buildup of static electricity might cause a spark and subsequent explosion. Available models can handle 60-200 feet of static grounding cable. For more information visit

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Product From Aerospace Turbine Rotables Inc.

Aerospace Turbine Rotables is an authorized Parker Stratoflex distributor and TSO-approved hose shop. It offers bulk hose and fittings and hose delivery in 24 hours. It has identical replacement hose assemblies to match your samples. Aerospace Turbine Rotables has single hoses and kits available, along with a huge cross-reference list. For more information visit or call (866) 359-5287.

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Flex-Lok SF Series high temperature hose

Product From Flexaust Company Inc.

A line of high temperature hose offered in single and two-ply configurations that is extremely flexible and features up to 10:1 compressibility is available from The Flexaust Company Inc. Flexaust Flex-Lok SF Series high temperature hose features silicone silver fiberglass fabric which is mechanically crimped in a continuous process to create a "locked" construction that is extremely flexible and compressible. Easier to move around than conventional silicone hose, it is offered in a single ply version for service to 550 F and a two-ply version with a gas-tight inner liner and a polyurethane wear strip for service to 600 F. Providing superior external abrasion resistance, the hose is available in sizes from 3- to 18-inch ID and standard 25-foot lengths. An ET version, constructed from aluminum coated fiberglass, is also offered for use up to 1,050 F. Applications include jet fuel vapor venting, vapor recovery, pollution control, vehicle exhaust systems, welding and plastics fume control, and support duct. For more information call (800) 343-0428 or visit

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Product From K-Air Charters

TTAF: 370 Hrs




  • Base : Jet White Pearl Metallic
  • Trim:  Light Bronze Pearl Metallic






  • 9 Hole Instrument Panel
  • Artificial Horizon
  • Directional Gyro Heading Indicator
  • Turn Coordinator
  • Garmin Course Deviation Indicator
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2004 Citation Bravo for sale

Product From K-Air Charters

Airframe: 3502 Hrs

  • Maintenance tracking done by Cescom valid up to 2014
  • Cessna Technical publications valid up to 2013
  • Universal Avionics technical publications valid up to 2013
  • Jeppesen Airway manuals (Jeppview) MES04 valid up to 2013
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2014 Products Catalog

Product From Wag-Aero Inc.

Wag-Aero is proud to announce the launch of its new Product Catalog. Existing customers will receive a printed copy in the next few weeks. But in the meantime you can view the electronic copy. Follow this

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