MAC Heaters

MAC 400HC -- Indirect Flame, Portable Aircraft Heater -- Regional Jets and Narrow Body Aircraft

Ø Indirect flame, diesel fueled, portable, narrow body and regional jet (RJ) aircraft heater. Heats aircraft cabins, luggage and avionics bays, cockpits, water line spaces etc.

Ø Eliminates expensive aircraft APU operation (for aircraft heating) and morning launch delays (due to frozen water lines or cold soaked avionics)

Ø Simple to operate: automated, one button start up and shut down (after an automatic cool down cycle). Easy temperature selection with the turn of a knob.

Ø Effectively heats aircraft, even when outside temperatures fall to -50 degrees F!

Ø 400,000 BTU closed combustion burner and heat exchangers. Rugged, stainless steel construction. No combustion gasses enter the stream of heated, fresh air delivered to the aircraft. One, 12-inch duct hose connection.

Ø 2.9 gallons per hour fuel consumption, at full heat output. 52 gallon fuel tank. Stainless steel construction. Low fuel warning beacon and low fuel shutdown.

Ø Liquid cooled, 4 cylinder, Tier IV Kubota diesel engine gen set. Low fuel, low oil pressure, low air flow automatic shutdown features.

Ø 3600 CFM blower output. Nine inches of static pressure.

Ø Advanced safety and temperature control systems. Activation automatically shuts off fuel flow to the burner and diesel engine.

Ø Choose from an externally mounted fire extinguisher or optional Ansul fire suppression system

Ø Towbar activated parking brake. Torsion axle running gear.

Ø Compact to minimize aircraft damage risk and facilitate towing requirements