Sensenich propeller service

Sensenich propeller service

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Sensenich Propeller Service Inc. offers customers quality overhauls, repairs, and sales of aircraft propellers and governors. Everything from fixed-pitch to turbo propellers, including McCauley, Hartzell, MT-Propeller, Woodward/Ontic Governors, and some Dowty and Hamilton Standard. It is an FAA 145 certified repair station, offering pickup and delivery services to some areas, NDT inspectors, eddy current inspection, and dynamic balance. For additional information or an estimate contact Katherine Wright or Ray Hershey (800) 462-3412 or (717) 560-3711 or visit

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Helicopter Blade Prep

Product From Temple Allen Industries

During MRO, helicopter blades are a challenge to sand because the paint thickness on rotor blades varies along the surface (especially considering the frequency of field repairs); because the substrate (and copper grid/ lightning protection) is susceptible to damage, and because the topcoat (particularly CARC paint used in some military applications) is hard enough to survive extreme operating conditions. Temple Allen’s solution focuses on finish quality (consistent scratch depth/pattern) and part protection - by holding the sander flat while applying even pressure to the workpiece, operators are able to dial in a desired contact force and thereby establish a predictable material removal rate which, among many advantages, allows different operators to generate the same high-quality results. For more information visit

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Rotor balancer

Product From DynaVibe/RPX Technologies Inc.

RPX Technologies' DynaVibe is an economical, state-of-the-art dynamic propeller and rotor balancer designed specifically for the aircraft industry. The balancer displays the vibration magnitude and the location where weight needs to be added or removed allowing precise adjustments for balanced and smooth operation. The balancer’s low cost makes it ideal for individual aircraft owners and maintenance facilities. For more information visit or call (405) 714-2516. 

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High capacity battery for helicopters

Product From Concorde Battery Corporation

Concorde Battery is pleased to announce certification of the higher capacity RG-224 for the Bell LongRanger.   Concorde’s sealed lead acid recombinant gas (RG®), absorbed glass mat (AGM) RG-224 is a 24Ah battery designed for improved performance and longer life in demanding applications. Many users are getting superior performance with the current 17Ah RG-222 however, the RG-224 was developed for customers with higher cyclic applications in mind. RG-224 is FAA TSO C-173 approved and has passed the rigorous requirements of TSO testing. The RG-224 can be installed in Bell LongRanger models using Falcon Crest STC No. SR09069RC. It is a plug-in replacement for the OE Ni-Cd or previously installed RG-222.  No modification to the aircraft is required. Concorde designs and manufactures more than 90 models of original equipment and direct replacement batteries for fixed wing and rotary aircraft and has a reputation for designing application specific solutions. For more information visit

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Product From Island Aviation Holdings, Inc


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Aero Propeller Sales and Service

Product From Aero Propeller & Accessories Inc.

Aero Propeller & Accessories Inc. propeller sales and service offers a "prop saver program" for Part 91 operators, radome and composite component repair, cadmium plating, and non-destructive testing. For more information, call Russ at (303) 469-1749 or visit no image

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Aircraft Engine Covers

Product From Protective Packaging Corp.

Protective Packaging Corp.'s ballistic nylon engine covers are the finest in the industry. The custom-fit covers are lightweight and incredibly durable. They protect your engine from harmful UV rays and offer excellent protection against the elements. The covers are built to last and will give you years of use. For more information call Ryan Miller at (405) 474-2247 or visit 

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Gas Turbine Engine Maintenance

Product From Chromalloy

Today’s challenging military budget environment demands that the world’s military organizations control ever-increasing costs of maintaining gas turbine engines while ensuring safety, reliability and top performance. For more than 60 years Chromalloy has successfully applied proven commercial engine component repair practices to provide cost-effective repair of engine components belonging to the U.S. Department of Defense and many international military customers. For more information visit 

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Tire Inflation Hose

Product From HBD/Thermoid,Inc. - A Subsidiary Of HBD Industries, Inc.

Thermoid’s Green Nitrogen Tire Inflation Hose is built for use in all nitrogen tire filling applications. It is resistant to oil, abrasion, weathering and ozone and kink-resistant. It remains flexible even in severe temperatures (-20 degrees F to +180 degrees F), is rated for 300 psi and comes in 25- to 50-foot lengths.

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World’s Largest GSE Supplier

Product From Sage Parts Inc.

Sage Parts is the world’s largest supplier of GSE and airport-related replacement parts with warehouses in Chile, France, Hong Kong, South Africa, the Netherlands, and throughout Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.   Sage Parts supplies parts and accessories for all types and brands of GSE including; aircraft cargo loaders, deicers, pushback tractors, baggage tractors, ground power units, preconditioned air units, air start units, lavatory/water vehicles, transporters, and dollies. Sage also provides supply chain management, on site supply services, single source supply and many other cost-reduction programs.

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New Heavy-Duty e-Hitch

Product From SAF-Holland

The new EH-HD features a heavy-duty design with up to 22,680 kg (50,000 pounds) MDBP with an increased vertical load rating of 454 kg (1,000 pounds). Unique to the EH-HD is its large, bolt-on mounting flange that can accommodate and be customized for multiple bolt patterns and bolt-hole sizes, including metric and SAE dimensions. The versatility in mounting provides airlines and ground service providers the opportunity to standardize hitch specifications and retrofit across their entire fleet of tugs, carts, and dollies. The EH-HD mounting flange is also approved for weld-on mounting.

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