Moxie Digital Signage

Moxie Digital Signage

Moxie Digital Signage Product Image

Omnivex Moxie and GPSLink software along with GPS coordinates determine the most appropriate content to display to DSS hotel customers traveling to and from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) based on the current location of the shuttle bus. The screen onboard the bus shows information based on the shuttle's location and whether it is carrying arriving or departing passengers. Meanwhile, large touch screens inside the hotels utilize Omnivex software to deliver interactive content and information for hotel guests, such as the estimated wait time until the next shuttle arrives at the hotel, flight departure status, and advertising about local sites and attractions.

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Disability Access Audit

Product From Direct Access Consultancy

We are leaders in providing disability access audits for mass transport services. Direct Access has surveyed and audited from local community transport services to some of the world’s largest airports.

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Passenger Assitance

Product From G2 Secure Staff

Passenger Check-In

Skycap Services

Bag Runners

Wheelchair Agents

Unaccompanied Minors

Electric Cart Drivers

VIP Meet & Greet Services

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Mobile Surveillance and Tracking

Product From Fortress Systems International Inc.

Fortress Systems International, Inc. (FORTRESS MOBILE) offers a highly scalable solution for people mover vehicle operators, mass transit agencies, school systems, shuttle bus, and law enforcement agencies. Mobile Video Security Solutions are designed to improve safety and security; reduce vandalism, liability, and litigation due to false claims; increase response and reaction time to passenger incidents; and for 'real-time' live monitoring of passengers through cellular, Wi-Fi, and mesh networks.

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Automatic Passenger Counters

Product From Bridge Technology, Inc.

Bridge Technology specializes in the integration of Automatic Passenger Counters for automatic people movers and shuttles at airports across the U.S.A. with access to data via the web. Features include: greater than 98+ % accuracy; load and capacity planning and analysis; optimize head ways; reduced and optimize operational costs.

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COBUS 3000

Product From Cobus Industries LP

The COBUS 3000 Airport People Moving Bus is used at more than 350 airports around the world to transport airline passengers between terminals, concourses, and aircraft parked off-gate on hardstands. Power options include diesel (only 1 US gal./hour), CNG, and now also full electric operation. Manufactured in aluminum, the COBUS is offered with a life expectancy of 25 years.

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Pilot Director- TDTL (SWAPs) Severe Weather Aircraft Parking System (PAATs) Park At Any Time System

Product From IST International Ltd.

Ideal for airlines & ground support engineers (GSE). Keeps traffic moving in bad weather, lightning, and De-Ice operations. Giving pilots added safety and visibility while directing them into the terminal. Able to stop, slow, and direct the airliner right, left, or forward. The marshals are safe and secure inside a tug or vehicle equipped with these cost saving systems. No missed flights or reschedules, reduces fuel taxiing. Get your passengers to their destinations without delay! Pays for itself in 2-4 uses! NO-tarmac delays, no fines, especially with the passenger rights law. Airlines have already been fined $100,000-$375,000. Most progressive Airlines/FBO have been using for over 10 years. Safety Aircraft Parking.

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Special Mission Aircraft Operator Seat

Product From Aviation Fabricators/AvFab

AvFab’s observer seat was designed for the comfort and functionality of the operator and is designed for the high use of special mission aircraft. Applicable aircraft include Beechjet 400/T1A and King Air series aircraft, but is adaptable to most other aircraft. The seat is vertically adjustable by operator, has a dual armrest, five-point restraint system, and adds only 23 pounds of weight, depending on upholstery and options.

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Safety Markings

Product From American Permalight Inc.

Following activation by daylight or artificial lighting, PERMALIGHT photoluminescent safety markings glow in pitch darkness. Available as signage, stickers, tape, paint, plastic chain, bumper guards and more, the nonelectrical, nonradioactive markings emit a high-performance glow in the dark effect when all lights are out and remain visible throughout an entire night, providing important illuminated information in darkness situations. For more information visit

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Business Information (BI) Solutions

Product From Air-Transport IT Services, Inc. (AirIT)

Airport focused business solutions are designed and developed by AirIT. Integrated products and services are designed to reduce costs, optimize cash flow, and improve operational efficiencies. Key modules include: Airport Operations Data Base, Resource Management, Flight Information Display, Common Use Passenger Processing, and Property ' Revenue Management.

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Common Use Self Service (CUSS)

Product From Air-Transport IT Services, Inc. (AirIT)

Common Use Self Service (CUSS) kiosks meet the latest industry standards of e-ticketing, 2D BCBP (barcoded boarding passes) and the need for APIS info (advanced passenger information systems), using full page passport readers for international travel.

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