Unmanned Aerial Systems Maintenance Training Program

Unmanned Aerial Systems Maintenance Training Program


Northland Community and Technical College will launch the nation’s first maintenance training program for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in 2011. The program is being designed with input from several leading-edge UAS manufacturers and the United States Military. Discover how the future of aviation is here and now!  UAS-based technologies require highly trained and competent technicians prepared to seize the opportunities these future occupations will offer. Learn how the integration of UAS technology into the civil and commercial sectors will create an increased demand for skill sets in the following career fields:

  • UAS Maintenance Technician
  • Imagery Analyst
  • Senior Analyst/Technician
  • UAS Avionics Technician
  • Imagery Analyst – Law Enforcement
  • UAS Technician in Precision Agriculture
  • UAS Mission Planning Specialist
  • Test and Evaluation Technician – UAS

Over the next 15 years, 23,000 UAS jobs could be created in the US*.  Further, it is expected the UAS industry will generate between $30 billion and $65 billion of revenue in the next 5 years. *Source: Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International; U.S. Department of Labor Statistics

To learn more about your future in the UAS, please contact Northland at 218.683.8802, email UAS@northlandcollege.edu, or mail 13892 Airport Drive, Thief River Falls, MN 56701.

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Runway Safety

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Training Materials

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Deicing Training Solution

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FlightSafety's Customer Care progam now offers ongoing access to FlightSafety’s Proficiency Protection program that enables customers to maintain their skills even when they are between jobs by providing pilot and maintenance technician training at no cost. In addition, FlightSafety customers who are interested in joining the company as instructors will be given priority consideration. As part of the program Jet Professionals will provide priority access to job opportunities and the full range of staffing services for full-time and temporary placements. ServiceElements will provide complimentary webinars designed to improve customer service skills and to prepare for job interviews using an interactive facilitator format that enables participants to share knowledge and experiences. For more information visit

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Northrop Rice offers aviation training solutions including courseware development, classroom/online delivery, and structured OJT processes. For more information visit www.northroprice.com or call (281) 499-7200.

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